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I probably have the original jingle stuck in my head. How does that jingle come about. Well the head count at the line. You don't have to be lonely. Late at farmers only right ryan was definitely helped right and i believed in jingles big time because will. You grew up in northeast. Ohio i did Marketing for the loop stop. I met them when it was just an idea. It was just a concept of the ten minute. Oil change produced a jingle for them in education. One of the most recognizable jingles in northeast. Ohio and a couple other companies. We did jingles for and they always worked. It really helps you. You know brand recognition. So i always believed in jingle so have a farmers only jangle and did you craft the actual rhymes. I mean it was. Is that something that came together. Pretty quaker that take tons and tons of crumpled pieces of paper to get to know that was like it was just i mean what rhymes with only lonely so that was like a three second. You know decision. You just blew my mind right there and then that jingle has been come i it's definitely well known ed i'd be willing to bet. It's one of the more recognizable jingles in the country. Because you wouldn't believe how many again this is fifteen years ago. But it's still getting buzz out there. Fifteen years later chapelle did a skit and.

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