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We were talking to Bruce about it he was like I love it. Like and just you know having having such a A great actor and performer and again like Julia Anne Sarah who cast him we were able to cast him as our as our father. I mean it just was. It just was perfect. It was just perfect. Everybody in the show who was cast it just nobody. Nobody wasn't exactly who they were meant to be. Yeah we're going to be respectful of your time. Do you have about fifteen more minutes. Sure absolutely also trying to get in some speed around. Maybe for you did you. I guess you've kind of already talked about you. Like working on this story. Centric episodes more than the one officer. So that's that's that seems to be a little bit of a conversation online and all I'll address it a little bit to say that if you look at the show now we did have we. Did I want to say that? Altogether out of seventy something episodes that we did you know with the shorts and everything. I feel like we only did maybe three episodes that were stand alone and by that. I mean every episode that we approached to me when we were going to them I would always ask the writers. Like what is this have to do with what's happening? With Rapunzel or Cassandra in the big picture like how is this even though it's not Republicans problem how is this? How is this related to what's happening in in a good example is now that we can kinda talk about it freely? A great example is passed gals dragon right. So if you look at past cows dragon is it's about him and his friend and ultimately when you look at it through the Lens of season three you look at it through the lens of of the finale. It's a story about Pascal. Having to say goodbye to his friend yeah like it is the finale the foreshadowing its complete foreshadowing. So when everybody talks about these episodes about like oh it didn't have anything to do with the plot aid to tell you. It had everything to do the plot. But if you look at them as individual episodes in look like what's happening in the plot and what's happening with Rapunzel on the and the Sandra in moonstone anything about Rapunzel and CASSANDRA's relationship or Cassandra or Rapunzel in her father's relationship like all of these individual things not all of them again. We had a few kind of outliers. But but here's here's a character Pascal. Who has a very important friendship that he you know? There's part of him in the in the Dragon. And there's part of the dragon in him. You know if you think about Casandra. And he had to get to a point where it was more important for him to you. Let that go. Because the the dragons place wasn't with him for whatever reason it's not like it's not one to one of like Casandra was dangerous or anything or it could but his his place was out in the world and I wanted to start giving things I wanted to start laying breadcrumbs throughout the season of what we were saying. So you know I always when I when I when I would when I would see discussions after an episode would would air about like. I didn't like it because it didn't have anything to do with the story. I'm like you just wait like I didn't WanNa say anything But there is such a larger story happening here and it just would have been. It would have gotten boring if we had just talked about puzzle. Cassandra because there were so many other characters to talk about but the question became like what we're all of these characters struggling with that related to what Rapunzel was was was was dealing with so that was kind of the magic of of the of the of the of the standalone episodes. They weren't standalone. Is that the part of the large large story. I I always hate when people talk about so-called filler episodes because I feel like every I mean is like just hanging out with the character. You're getting character development. I mean not everything can be you know. A finale yeah. Those those became opportunities to be able to strengthen of viewpoint of whether it was Cassandra or Rapunzel Every episode that we that we we told we looked at as opportunities to restate the Thesis Statement. That you know. Sometimes you're places home and sometimes you're places away. You know what was happening in my house at the time certainly around the beginning of season End of season. Two going into season three was that my daughter was graduating. High School Right. And so what you know my wife and I were able to go on their senior trip so we like all the seniors. Go get on the plan and everything I and it's a private school and it's K. Through twelve and these these kids had all kinds of grown up together like from kindergarten all the way through being a senior and we had we spent like three or four days with them and in Hawaii in the last night it was just so it was just so like the kids didn't even see it but I'm sitting here watching these kids around a fire and they're going around talking like what their best memory was. It struck me. I started like weeping because it struck me that this night was the last time that this group would ever be together ever because the next day somewhere get on a flight to go back home and so we're GonNa go continue and so we're going to stay and they had already graduated like this was it. This was the last time this group of kids would ever be together as a group and And they were going to go off into their own. Lives go to college. They were going to go across the country. And we were just on the on the cusp of telling you know singing. That big song with With rapunzel an Eugene in Cassandra now more than ever you know where they start singing about There's nothing I wouldn't do without you by my side and it was so it was so poignant to me because maybe up until this point eight and again like my daughter's best friend you know here's my daughter in her best friend thinking that they're gonna be together for the rest of their lives and I know that they're not. I know that her friends going to go to college. And she's going to get another best friend and they're just going to go about their lives and it was so real to me and I wanted to make sure that that sentiment of like you may think that this is how your life's going to be for the rest of your lives but it is never going to be just three of you ever again and that's okay you know it's making me like like choke up right now thinking about it but it's okay because life just happens and you just you just adjust and sometimes it's comfortable and sometimes it's not and and It just you know there's the show and there's the mythology and there's the characters and all this stuff but here I wasn't a very real situation watching an actual watching actual friends say goodbye to each other in a way that they couldn't even understand. Yeah so it was important for me to take that sentiment. Then go back to work and shove a lot of that stuff in You know into into the things and into these episodes in into these characters and you know I always say like I mean the most when they're when they're real true stories more where moral for a Disney show too. I think having seen the bitter sweetness of Knowing that you can still love and care for your friends but their best the way they can be the best their best self is not necessarily staying with you all the time and learning to let go. Percents I think Hunter said and then if you look at poor poor rapunzel home who all of season three was just screaming like comeback. Yeah just will be better if you just come back. And I knew the whole time like Rapunzel. She's never gonNA come back like it can't be that way. You're being selfish by asking her to put her life Rapunzel. You're being selfish if you think Cassandra is going to put her entire future on hold for you. And that's what we're puzzle had to learn. Listen sometimes it's not about you. Yeah don't come you know. She was saying come back. We'll just make everything good if you just come back and be my lady waiting. Are you kidding.

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