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Bbq central show thing else you want to find out about the show can be found at the main website. The BBQ central show dot com, and here's what's happening coming up in about twelve minutes from now he is a second time to the show made his debut appearance only a handful of weeks ago with his Co. host from the pitmasters podcast that being. Anthony Luhan joining me to this evening. Though is none other than the other co host Rusty Potz. Try back back and better than ever salt city barbecue. We're going to be talking to him about nabbing his first Grand Championship of his competition career. We'll talk about the weekend we'll talk about how many teams were there. There's a whole bunch of different things that we're GONNA be talking about here so very excited to catch up with rusty. Fourteen pass will move to. To thirty five past the hour, Derek riches from Derek riches dot, com joins me in his fourth Tuesday. Set so looking forward to that, and then we will move to the second hour. Where of course since it is the fourth? Tuesday we will be joined by what I have turned the malfeasance of the barbecue community that of course, being the embedded correspondent. Yes, sir. So. We have plenty to get to the evening. That of course takes up the second hour. As many of you are. Probably wondering will be any singing tonight. Because the embedded correspondence are on, and the answer is no, there is no singing tight. Nor in the near future, if I'm being completely honest at this point while I'm not saying that there isn't going to be a season, two of whatever the hell we would call the next singing effort of the barbecue central show. When that is exactly going to be. There might be some guest singers. Slash contestants. I think Robin. Lindores might have offered herself up. I think there have been some other people that said Rusty I. Think might have mentioned that the last time he was on, he thought about singing, or perhaps, when I was a guest on his something came up. Maybe was anti. May maybe it was both they were GonNa do wet like Brooks and donner name your favorite duet I, don't know, but plenty of high level talent could be coming in for season number two. That's how it always works riding me. Season one is the roll out. We file off all the sharp edges. An and everybody wants a piece of what's cool and phone was nothing cooler than. Barbecue central version of the voice or American idol, or whatever it so looking forward to that first off. If you're not following me socially do that at bbq central show instagram twitter facebook. Slash. bbq central show on facebook. There's also video feed there. If you want to take a look at that, and for the competition folks, this year continues to blow. Medicine may was officially cancelled earlier last week and today. If came down if you didn't see it, the Jack Daniels.

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