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Welcome back to. Let's get civic i'm lizzy stewart and i'm are unwilling to hausky and do you want to tell them what you're doing right now. I eight is approximately. What the health time is it. It is six forty seven my time here in hot springs. Arkansas am we should say. I am in hot springs. Arkansas and i am currently under a blanket chess is i am trying to record in the most echoey house. I have ever been in it super cute. It's lake covered in ship lap. The most echoey of the of the of the wooded material yes the most echoey of the laps for sure and i My only recourse was to record a gigantic blanket which we have been using for picnics. And thank god is like gigantic. Because otherwise i don't know what i would do an attack crawl under my legs. Excellent so if you hear meowing here any sort of feline noises you look like you're in the the blair witch project i know. I mostly just a disembodied head because it's a dark blanket. And so the only thing lizzy can see is my head. You're shroud roof. Hsieh shroud of turin like reflection from my computer screen. And look you guys. We go above and beyond to make these episodes happen so you have to bear with us but speaking of cats i have a. Oh my god best lead or what you did you gave me such a great lead-in because not last night. The most extraordinary thing happened to me. And not just to me but to too many people. Because i was at a yankees game yesterday a home yankees game and it was just like it was what i say. It was a boring game. I mean it was a boring game. It was like the yankees were playing. Really bad other team was like fine and they were like yeah so not much not much action and then in i think it was like at the the bottom of the seventh-inning i'm i'm just kind of like chilling like watching the game and then my boyfriend goes. There's a cat on the field on the field and he starts freaking out and sure enough like right outside. The dugout of the other team is a full hat and and it was just sitting there. And i just remember being like where did he come from. Get there 'cause you know at baseball games. There is somebody at every entrance. It's not easy to to get anywhere without having to like go by somebody who's like who are you in. Is this your section and sure enough. This cat divide all all laws and just like appeared on the field in front of the dugout and at first curse the players. Were kind of like okay. Maybe we'll keep hugh keelan. Do we hold for cats. Do hold for cat. Nobody at new and then the cat made a beeline for like center. Field and adm freaks out. The players are like we clearly cannot continue with this cat fully. I mean and it was sprinting. To be fair the cow is probably like absolutely terrified because they was like look bolting across the field. It did this for like maybe a minute and it would like it. Like ran to the back of the field like jumped up on the ledge of the back in the field and sat there for like fifteen seconds. And i'm the whole time. I'm just like nobody's doing anything. The players are just standing standing there looking at this cat and then finally they send out the poor grounds crew wrangle. This cat. there's like eight of them and immediately. I'm like they're not gonna catch this cat. This cat is way too. Quick scott is doing ensuring of. It's like another three or four minutes linked to ground screw kind of like closing in on the cat and the cat bolting and then the stadium erupting because we won the cats and not get caught. We right we want this to. If this was the whole rest of the game i would have had. Its third clearly the most exciting thing that you guys had seen that day literally in this year it was like when i say i lost my absolute mind. I i lost my absolute mind because it was just so surreal that it was happening and that it took them so long to like rangel. The cat that. I've oh my god. I look at national television. Because i'm pat you there. Replaying that moment and is was there do does your Does your instagram feed. Also include like you screaming at about and down gone on for for that. I cannot wait to get off the zoom with you and go watch that. Oh my god. It's like ten times better than the bear video. No oh my god yeah. It's bear you see animals. The way reacting seeing animals in well the beer was in its natural habitat but lake be fair. Yeah the cat on the field. I was like wait. Because i mean you think birds brought up the thing you see. It's an open it's an open. Adm don't think a full grown cat is now just saunter onto the feel. I looked it. Where i just wanna know how god there i two is. Somebody's telling you. Now i bet it's farrell stadia. There's feral cats you know it's just everywhere omega. That's crazy yovany. I love that story than i can connect it. I can follow through line of cat to connect us to our topic for today. Heck cab bring us there. So as i said i am on a month long road trip and a last week. We were in saint louis and so we were. We decided to go. There's like right now because of cova head like unless you get tickets like a week in advance you if you're trying to get them to go up in the art for like the next day or two it's you. They're not available bite. You can go see like this. Apparently really great documentary film about the gateway arch. That's like a half hour. So i bought tickets which spoiler alert. Today's episode is about the saint. Louis art So i got tickets for the movie. And i don't know what i thought like. I don't know if i thought like it was just gonna be like when you walk into the base of the of the arch early. I don't know what i thought but like we were leaving that day right after the film to go to I.

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