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Where i live you know the what has led up to the modern home thank you lucy lucy wars lease chief curator at historic royal palaces that's the independent charity that looks after kensington palace state apartments the tower of london hampton court palace and others in london and she's author of a book called if walls could talk and intimate history of the hall if you'd like to hear more you can get the audio version of luci's book for free from audible just go to audible dot com slash something that's audible dot com slash something and sign up for their free thirty day trial and free audio book download and then just search for lucy worsley wor s l e y lucy wars lease book if walls could talk that's audible dot com slash something raise your hand if you like confrontation yeah most of us think of confrontation as something to avoid at least until things get so bad that then we just have to explode and then the confrontation turned into a fight and nothing gets accomplished but what if there was a better way well apparently there is according to barbara packed her barbara packed her is somebody i've known for a long time she's an expert on business etiquette and she is really good at helping people deal with other people several years ago she wrote a book called the power of positive confrontation and more recently released in audio cd called the power of positive confrontation the skills you need to handle conflicts at work at home online and in life welcome barbara good to talk to you again and so this idea of positive confrontation seems like.

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