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Houston weather next on the 10 on 7 40 I'm sorry, listeners. I made a mistake. I should have saved the AOC comment. And followed it back to back with Mark Levin. Oh, that's what I should have done. No. Yeah, but if he is long as AOC is still fresh in your mind, you were going to defund the police because it's all a great big experiment. Here is Mark Levin on Sean Hannity last night. Getting wound up is he generally does Wow. He was wound pretty tight. Talking about Democrats and being anti American. The Democrat Party has a history of anti Americanism, Whether it's slavery segregation, Jim Crow and has a history of anti Americanism, and that includes today It's just a different ism. Was the Confederacy. Then now they're dancing with the Marxists, whether it's black lives matter or antifa, whether it's whether it's the mayor of New York to Kamio And now they've embraced Bernie Sanders, the most radical man. Poor woman, But the most radical person in Congress today that is now the buying agenda if you're a union person. Unidanmark. If you're a non union person and a Democrat, you better wake up to what's going on these air, not old style Democrats anymore. These air crazy baskets. These are yes. Well, you don't need me to repeat what he said. By the way, if you haven't listened mark living in the wild He's been on a regular basis because we haven't any sports Astro's having been playing. You can hear tonight. Seven. Here on NewsRadio, 7 40 Katie our age Mark Plowman. Wow! Thie president was on hold. Apparently, you know handed. He kept trying to calm it down, interrupted interject, and he couldn't And I guess he finally got the word. Hey, The President's enjoying this. I don't know when you are Mark Levin and you're on a roll Ain't nobody, including the President, The United States going toe. No. Interrupt what you're saying He's going to get his thought out. 6 59 time for traffic.

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