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Talk to Garrett here Ramones? The lights. The Rolling Stones. C C, Mick Jagger is going under this this heart valve surgery. And he's he's undergoing in the UK right because they have a superior healthcare system as we know just as Michael Moore and occasional kotex. The is at that. He was coming here for it. Of course, he's coming here to our inferior horrible disgusting. They want you to die healthcare system. We know the UK's better Cuba's better just ask occasional kotex. And and Mikey more. They'll tell you how terrible it isn't the care is horrible et cetera et cetera. Now, why would a guy like Mick Jagger who cut the line, by the way, the weight, you know, the three years of the Brits have to wait. Why would he come here to the United States in our how Rable inferior don't care healthcare system winning go to the fabulous system in the UK? Now, why would that happen? That's weird. Why would you put subject themselves? You know, the answer because it's a big fat lie. That's why it's a big fat lie as everything that liberal is. It's a big fat lie. Speaking about big fat lies. Did you see the the New York Post? You know, it's March madness, right? The New York Post did a March madness bracket called Muller madness. Did you see this? Oh my God. You didn't see I missed it. Oh, man. You know, we got the final four coming up this weekend. And so the New York Post one of the very few and I'll say conservative twins. News publications out there. That are left. So they did this whole sixty four team or sixty four person bracket Muller madness. And they gave a little description of each one. So you've got people such as what you got. Rick Maddow, fat, Anna Navarra. Foreigner. John Oliver Donnie do from PMS NBC my lot to say that on the on the air. Well, I just did. You've got morning blow. You got communist Brennan. Donna lemon. Chris hayes. You've got warmonger Bill. Kristol? You get the gist. I'm not gonna name all sixty four. Okay. You know, the winner was the final four was Rick Maddow from PMS NBC. You've got Jonathan Chait going up against mad. Al he's from the New York magazine. Again, the this is a Muller madness. You had Stephen Colbert, the least funniest man on television. I mean, this guy is just he's not because he hates Trump. He's just not funny. He wasn't funny on the Colbert report. Hey, I just started to pack a super Pac, and I put seven dollars and the audience is going crazy. And I'm thinking to myself what and Kathy Griffin was the final four. Your final was between. Rick, Maddow, and Stephen Colbert. The winner of molar madness Rick bat ou-, congratulations. Congratulations boyfriend congratulate. I'm a little league for a break aren't. But you never yelled in my headphones. Let's go to break. Ladies and gentlemen. It's the morning ritual on KFI AM seven ninety Tucson's. Most stimulating talk the morning ritual with Gary Lewis, oh man, the summertime, it's like you could you could feel it cancer the dryness. It's there in the weather. I mean, it was probably like eighty yesterday but felt like ninety if I mean, we're you able to jump in the pool cool off guaranteed liked to. I don't have one. Oh, well, you know, what that's like a free pool. If you buy a quick move in home for Madame me home. So they have quick moving homes. These are professionally designed to worry about having to pick out every detail. It's all done for you by professional. So you know, it looks great. They have these quick movement homes in oral valley and Miranda up boulevard almost to the mountain beautiful community out there, you you buy one of these quick moving homes..

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