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Up About at least the Berman removal and suggested that Berman was leaving on his own steam when in fact he was just campaigned but can you talk a little bit for folks who don't know the intricacies of again that line between serving at the pleasure of the president and being released from your job because you're handling sensitive cases that inflict on the president. Sure So the US Attorney's. Use Attorney is maybe the best job anybody can have in government. If if what they WANNA do is represent the United States in court and they're ninety three US attorneys around the country. They're presidential appointments there confirmed by the Senate and yes, you can be removed by the president the tradition and the norm is that US attorneys are appointed. They do get reviewed by the Senate. They have some stature and standing and their pledge above all else in my lifetime has been act independently and fairly and do everything you can to let the public know that you're being fair. What these folks have done is convert or try to convert the US. Attorney position in in many many instances around the country. To nothing more than an operational arm of what bill bar wants to get done in order to accomplishes objectives to advance Donald Trump's interest in his own interest in an autocratic government, and so he has Jesse Liu. You mentioned US Attorney in Washington DC I think very fine. Person who I've spoken with a nominated by trump confirmed by the Senate and was going forward in ordinary course with the with the. Prosecutions in the DC office of Flint and stone, and then in the latter part of last year, a series of events occurred which I'll make. Sure. But essentially, she was offered a job a presidential appointment in the Treasury Department of law enforcement, related job and she was essentially convinced to leave her position and move over there, and then they withdrew the nomination of her for that presidential appointment in the treasury. Department. And insisted that she leave early in the year and ultimately what happened was he sent his crony and I say that because Fox News describes as bars right hand man Tim? Shea gets sent over there as an acting us attorney and he does the dirty work. He then changes the position in the Flynn and the stone case more generally bar has been using trying to use and effectively using the US attorney slots as places to put his trusted associates who will do his bidding. And he's using acting positions a lot. This whole government is using acting positions to put people of low stature and perhaps low integrity in many cases into jobs where they ought to be presidential appointments people confirmed by the Senate people have whoever respected background, and instead what you've got are people who are in some cases just hacks who have been put there, and if they don't do what they're told, they'll just be told to leave because they haven't been confirmed. They have no stature and that's the game they're playing, and it's being played in lots of different ways and not only with US attorneys, but with lots of other. Jobs. In the Justice Department at and I think you make such an important point which is you know I started by saying the two things that bar stands accused of is both weaponising the OJ to go after Donald. Trump's imagined enemies and using it to exculpate his friends and you've just described a pretty systematic use of the US attorney's themselves to affect those outcomes so whether it's sidelining Jeffrey Berman or Jesse Lou. to make sure that certain prosecutions don't go forward or whether it's using kind of conscripting different US attorneys to do investigations into whatever unmasking is whatever that claim is the Durham Report Jon Durham report. That's. At the. Origins of the investigation into Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. So both of those that sort of pincer move of going after Donald Trump's enemies using, for instance, the Durham investigation continuing to dangle that as any minute. Now Peter Struck any minute now Jim Komi you're GonNa you know you frogmarched in front of the cameras with cuffs on and also as you're saying having US attorneys that are trying to oversee longstanding legitimate criminal investigations sidelined that's what you're describing. That's exactly right and you know there there many examples of and there are a number of US attorneys from around the country that bill bar has called in to play these different roles. Somebody is I. Don't know if it's a US attorney somebody doing intake with regard to material from Rudy Giuliani you know somebody came in and and second guessed allegedly reviewed the files in the Flintstone cases and said Oh no, that's not the way we should do it. We should change it There's a whole lot of these situations where people are being us you know, and that's that's part of a bigger picture, which is really really critical to the way the norms and ideals of the department have been undermined, and that is the respect for the career staff of lawyers at the Department of, justice is at an all time low certainly in my lifetime certainly since the reforms that Edward Levy put in place, you know there's there's a system. It's a system that involves a role certainly for political appointees. This is not one where the Department runs perpetual motion machine by the career people on the political people have no say, no, they're an integral part of the review process, but it's a normal standard process cases go forward and there's a normal way I was US attorney in Sacramento. I had approve all the indictments did I approve every indictment? but it's a regular process and the one thing everybody's conscious of is that you would never let the whiff of political or personal influence have any part in anything well, these people have made political influence and personal preference an integral part of decision making in numerous cases and the one of the things that's resulted it's it's a very important offense, but it's only one of many is that the just the absolute disastrous state of morale in the department and we need a restoration of both of the procedures and the morale and get it back on the track that it was on before. Google's free tools are designed to help small businesses like an eco-friendly.

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