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Katie sleeping saw space looking at twenty five k. Shacking mariner phone. I'm looking forward to your architectural highlights. And lowlights dora kate but yeah cavendish made another tough day for him. He was off the back early. Got back on. Well looked after by michael. Markov and tim clark and others lost another rival today. Nasa were nassar behind finishing on the podium. Well a few times. On the francie. You abandoned as they say so. Yeah i mean once again. If the more calf gets near paris the less opposition will have on the last day. He was behind him. Struggling in front of the broom-wagon for a little bit and Eventually called a day. A biggest is actually one of the stories of we weren't going to cover at some point. The the rebirth of behind him. And we've been so focused on cavendish but behind me has also been really close to stage when this tour back to probably his best which is kinda gone. It's a story that's going on told in a way and maybe we'll ask. Connor swift are direst For more a by behind the and his trip he's like the race sonically. Well today i mean stage went for sap koos a guy who has often promised a result like this. You know it's another classic case of roget's was still in the race. He wouldn't have been in a position to win the stage. He's somebody's capable of for a long time and but when the responsibilities being given to him he sometimes struggled to deliver you know when he's given team leadership or when he's been given opportunities he really took it today and i was really impressed. With the way that you held off valverde. A wily was there was an interesting pattern again. Actually kind of explains what. I was saying before about the new patterns with these breakaway groups with lots of strong guys in there. There's really been a divine our thing in teams between the juicy. The real jesse guys. I mean the real jesse guys not the guys might ever transfer one day become a juicy writer and the guys who might have the potential to jesus writers don't have the mind for it and for stage wins. I think there's a case for sabco's if you don't give him too much responsibility you don't put too much burden on his shoulders and he goes for the stage. Wins is yeah. He's the kelly. I the long interview for fidel over with all and tell told me that the first five or six years of his career had been a nightmare because he was considered as a potential jesse container being the best young rider in twenty eleven and the five years. That followed said. we're nightmare you're under pressure. Every day you fear in the crash you fear into. Let your teammate sound. And he said the day when jonathan voters told him. Forget the gopher. Sage wins if it was a newborn rider and enjoy the job again. I think that most of the guys wear the front of the type of writers. you know they. they're great. writers are going to win a stage. Major to sage thoughts energy writers sept- coups is absolutely this type of rights. I had a message from lizzy banks to say nice to finally see set coups trying now the rest of us when we are not trying. Because i've said on the podcast before that. He just often looks so easy for sap coups when he's been lieutenant rogue lich there have been moments where he's sorry rug which has been struggling until this wheel and kucice just writing on air. You know he looks. He looks so sublime moderated by his task of servitude. He's a classic climber. You know who when things are going well for him and he's writing. Well it just looks so so easy for him on. This is a yeah. This is a success. That has been a long time coming. He lives in under. He's one of the many lives on. Jury said his girlfriend was on the climb on her parents think she's from barcelona and not was inspiration for him today. Don martin was actually very emotional. Finish talking about his wife and twin daughters being near the finish as well. So yeah you really choked up talking about that. We're seeing a a really interesting. Bothell for the king of the mountains are kind of long. Discredited competition is like a consolation prize. Either a writer on the podium as one almost banks or it's been one by somebody a modest writer really targeting. What we're seeing here are early four kentuckiana polls was on venar baffling for real quality writers. Our houses it's adding luster to this. Competition is one of the real interesting points in the race. Now there's mountains until wednesday. I'm in until almost thursday. So most of the last week will still be mountains so more excitement on the hills on the climbs and and given that. Now it's it's it's one of the most interesting conditions and that all these guys and all these teams are going for it. I'm sure we'll have really animated racist from the start and we the kind of crit- with today is probably going to be reproduced in in in the future stages which is which is rather exciting. Well i spoke to the man now in the polka-dot jersey while polls finished. Here's what he had to say.

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