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Upper sixties Norman police are telling us now the vandalism incidents overnight at McKinley elementary school the firehouse arts center, and the Cleveland county Democratic Party headquarters are connected to the recent vandalism incidents in Oklahoma City near the state capitol. Police Norman did release a surveillance image. A couple of them of a woman walking back to her car. This is a suspect and these vandalism incidents, and it does appear to be the same woman in the pictures released last week by Oklahoma City police Sarah Jensen with the Norman police department. The public is so crucial in these incidents is or ears. In the community. And so the ones that are gonna know potentially seen something or potentially have the missing information to help us solve this case quickly. That is what she told news four. Now, we have posted that surveillance image on the Katie. Okay, website, if you can help and also we have posted the phone numbers that you can call if you have information. Well, some lawmakers are complaining that they were kept in the dark about settlement talks with the maker of Oxycontin, new agreed last week to pay state two hundred seventy million dollars to be dropped from the state's opioid lawsuit. State attorney general Mike counter negotiated the settlement he says he was under court order to keep the negotiations confidential. Now, most of the settlement money will go to the OC center for wellness and prevention in Tulsa, some lawmakers think though that it should have gone to the state treasury and a Bill to use revenue from the states alcohol. Tax to reimburse federally qualified community health centers for uncompensated health care passed out of a Senate subcommittee. This morning at the state capital. But state Senator rob standridge of nor Norman had was the no vote. I'll tell you today that I have seen many examples many examples of these companies using their financial advantages enhanced reimbursement near near zero cost for lots of products to drive their competition. This small clinic dentist clinic pharmacy and other entities out of business. Let state Senator Casey Murdoch fell says these center is a lot of them located in the rural areas. Need a stable source of revenue. The Bill is not in its final form yet. Now goes to the full Senate appropriations committee, a fourteen year old girl with autism has been reported missing. And west Ville, that's an aid air county in the far eastern part of the St. Elizabeth Fisher was on her bicycle and a friend who was with her says she turned around and Elizabeth was gone. The highway patrol is now involved. It has issued an alert calling Elizabeth missing endangered juvenile and a former maze county. Sheriff deputy has pleaded guilty to stealing methamphetamine that had been seized as evidence during investigations forty eight year old Brett mole of prior appeared today and Tulsa federal court and he admitted stealing the methamphetamine to support his own drug addiction. He was actually in charge of the department's criminal investigations unit. And he will be sentenced in July from the k- t-. Okay weather center in the forewarn storm team. We have a ninety percent.

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