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Previous quarter. Where Twitter did disappoint wasn't its advertising business. It hasn't been able to jump on the digital ad boom like Facebook and Google, GM will be able to say it's building it's electric cars in North America. Just not all in the U. S. It'll put a billion dollars in a plant in Mexico that already builds Chevy Equinox and Blazer. SUVs, the plant will be ready to start building electric vehicles in 2023 riot. Thank you. Joan Ryan Gorman in for Jimmy Cephalonia here on South Florida's first news, and now let's bring in w I. O d. National correspondent Rory O'Neil. You can follow on Twitter at Radio Rory for the latest on the reopening is taking place across the country. The preparations for some some major shifts, Roy, Thanks so much for joining us this morning and really lots of talk of just getting big things back up and running that have maybe lags a little. But behind that the more more people are getting vaccinated, especially in the travel and tourism industry, which we see obviously hit so hard over the past year as we all know, but it's symbolic. Today. The Disneyland in California is finally reopening its been closed off for the last 13 months and finally got the go ahead to reopen. Lots of restrictions on Lee, California residents are allowed to go for now on about 25% capacity as well. But there was a 28 hour wait online. There's people trying to snatch up chickens. I mean, that's the kind of mission no sense to me. I mean, Disney World has been open for how long now and they're having made 50 years the 50 years. Actually this year Disney World overall, Yes, but there have been any problems. It's been one of the safest places to go. You know, they've done a great job with their safety protocols. Why in the world to Disney Land lagged that far behind it was counting When you're thinking what was Governor Governor Newsome was really you know, the administration there in California wasn't allowing any theme park to reopen. Universal did reopen there a little bit earlier. They just were faster on the jump to reopen. Disney said it would take more time to re train their staff and recall them get some of the back. Still, though none of the shows no. The nighttime fireworks stuff because they don't want people gathering in groups. Um, Frank, that wouldn't go. There's no fireworks where you going, anyway, But that's Zyl. Yeah, Some people love the fireworks aspect. Now New York City What I thought was really interesting here. So so enter. Yang is running for mayor of New York. And when Mayor de Blasio talked about July 1st. They're really trying to get everything up and going by then that's kind of their their target date. I guess he said Boyd, New Yorkers, You know they're looking forward to getting back to times Square. Are they? Because I don't New Yorkers don't really go to times Square. Yeah, boy, I can't wait back to get to get back to you know, South Beach, right? Exactly right. Suppose but you know, they have a July 1st deadline there now in New York, not a deadline, but the mayor promising they'll be fully re opened. They've got 6.3 million vaccinations out out of a population of 8.3 million, but the governor saying they should be reopened even sooner. S so that's going to get Broadway back of business, Get some of the tourist back. And really, that's the time to go. Since you won't have any international travelers, people, it'll all be Americans because we have so few international travelers allowed in the U. S. So maybe a smaller room, the cruise industry, potentially getting up and running again. That's gonna be huge. Especially for here in the state of Florida. No, absolutely. The CDC and the cruise line is getting a little bit closer. Looks like 95% of passengers were to be vaccinated 98% of the crew the wiggle room on the 95%. Why not 100? It's because the vaccines have been approved on young Children. So okay, That makes sense. A little bit of wiggle room in some of those numbers. A Disney cruise might not never be at 95%, but, um yeah, so they're looking at that hasn't been set yet. But some of the cruise lines are now much more optimistic that they will start re sailing by midsummer. Otherwise, their ships are already sailing and other parts ports. We've got the Disney ship going over to London and things like that. Wi OD national correspondent Rory O'Neill. Who, of course you can follow on Twitter at Radio Rory, Roy. Thanks so much for the time this morning. We appreciate it. Thanks, Right. Have a good weekend. All right. Now, let me bring in Manny for one of the biggest stories today, the NFL draft kicking off last night. Let's get an update on sports and and where the Dolphins decided to go with their pick. Speaking of crowds,.

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