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Your needs when he has to win this fight this is out. He's thirty six thirty seven. I mean i. I mean this is his third third or fourth before this now man it. You're halsey i hit. His story is so weird is so weird but man. I haven't thought much of this fight to be honest I like sean strickland. In a in a kind of looking. I like shaun stricken and like you know when you're on the freeway car regulate you know what i will slow down and backup all the traffic behind me just to see this wreck. So that's when. I think of sean strict and he just he just a fighter bro. Who it's like you just put camera up. Does instagram live videos all the time. And it's just like wow you said that out loud. cool your your unique individual. And that is why. I think most of fighters i defy that this level for what they make and how much it just consumes her life like you gotta be just an individual and sean and kind of fits that mold and you are hard to the same extent just on the other end but actual fight itself. I think it's kinda suck strictly just moving. Ford ford very very strategically. I'd like to move forward. I doesn't really doesn't walk into shots. He's very he's actually very controlled in his in his output. Moving forward but hall. Yeah it could be. It could be a staring contest for a while. But with five rounds we might go like twenty minutes of kind of whatever fighting. Then get one minute of explosion for like. Oh is that worth it as a co knockout. You twenty twenty two minutes to fight but it was the. I don't know i'm not really into this. Fight to me is just i. I don't think either guys really title contenders and this feels like a weird main event is bills just like a fight that i don't just it's not really talking to fight. It's a fight. Yeah and that's that's why we have so many cards. That's that's what's going to happen. Every every every dozen by nights like this literally just a fight that hap- this just happens to be the last night of the night to me. Anyway raise your hand. If you're picking your hall to win tomorrow this is. I think a lot of people. Is this an audio. So i'm gonna say three of us are picking your ira Yes three four. But not casey i was gonna say we should let them get notice. Notice that this man does not have his hand up. Yeah why why. sean. Mike sean strickland i just think i think defensively he does get a big shot i think he he moves forward very well. And i think that's gonna frustrate your hall and where you won't you won't have the power to. He's going to me. He'll exchange dude for sure. And i don't think he's gonna have enough enough generate enough power to really hurt strictly moving backwards. I think it's pretty he moves. He's very defensive when he moves forward and just kind of peppers jabs and crosses so. I just think it's going to be kind of twenty five minutes of that actually. I don't think it's gonna be that great. A fight buying picking stricklin by kind of a lackluster. But you know workmanlike decision. Komen event is kyung ho kang versus rani. Yahya we've got cheyenne bays versus gloria. Dipaolo nicholas stole versus jared. Gooden took this fight on just a few days notice and out at the mark how bays and glared apolo end up on the main card as opposed to genucel frye actually odor because john. Jesus you just days something something in her. Her and glared of puzzles are very talented. But did you fry bigler to paula and both of those fighters are enshrined base. Also coming off a loss. What's houses fair houses fair to junior fry and seo coming loss in fairness but Frown yeah but then you fry beat. She beat gloried apollo. Now she's buried in the prelims. I'm just. I mean in a car like this doesn't matter it doesn't matter what maybe a argument that i think. Ju jitsu fry and s yoder probably happy. They get their night done quickly. You'll be in the afternoon there. And they can enjoy the the biggest nightlife with masks on get home. Watch the rest of the provides. You know i have a feeling that use cpr and as well specifically up only brings the main card to media day and cheyenne buys is a much more interesting media. Day interview then either junior. Fry are ashley auto. Oh there you go there. You go to find out. Met fighter to be determined but Cheyenne buys talks of greenness. And i think she had a lot of questions. People that want people want answers to from our last fight and bays obviously was a big story even after the loss to monster outweighs the post by antics. So she's definitely someone fans wanna hear more from so arrest of that card. Orion cozy makes his debut takes on phil roe missed weight so he gets twenty percent of phil rose purse. Junior fibers asked iota iota. The favorite in that one chi camacho versus danny chavez should be a lotta fun. Rafic are c. As back against chris grutzmacher and call an angolan other contender series contract winner will make his debut against mel sick. Baghdad's it has. Is the the ryan benoy. Fi is on the main card. Now isn't that should be your question. Why is genuine. Fry the odor on the prelims and that is above them on. Hold on hold on cards. Oh thank god should. because isn't it ryan but no opponent like two and three or three and three or three three three and three. Oh in two in the afc. He's one of the stranger stories to make it to the who is fighting. Who is this he went. He went three and out in bella tour and made and then came to the ufc and Has not had the same success you could say. He's the antithesis of michael channel. Sure the shore so it looks like it's only five main card. I think okay. You know what that means. We're going to get lots of ufc to sixty five. Promotional packages obama ton. So many there you go. Let's go to the peeps few moments. Because are we gonna do a dual tomorrow is doing us. Oh that's tomorrow muhtar yet. I mean you start at six. Uc prelims started six. What time do belt or prelims start. Case he's gonna be at the ballatore fight so it would be very difficult for him to be in the area so probably stream yard it again or you have another person who knows how to run hyun as and jose young's available. I don't know y'all have to ask. Tvd tv.

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