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What else. I guess i don't know let's let's get it. Let's get into our j. jeff the other day when we thought we were going to record on sunday. He sent the messages. Like we're talking about being dad. Oh yes i looked up being done. I was like okay and then by the time the episode came around jeff was like nobody cares about being dead. Honestly i ready to say. I actually kinda type that what i was going to say about it. Just give me some points. Iran its course by sunday night. I sent it on sunday morning or saturday whenever it happened and then sunday night. It already run. Its course it was no longer fun like fun because there was like a cancelable element to it. it was also weird and then being close to the sun. He did a licorice moment. Being dead yet. Been but i've read the threat and it was weird but it wasn't like it was obviously a guy trying too hard on the internet. What it was. And then i started going into like people legit. You know it was and that's why everybody's online right. There's gotta be that main character and the character has to get. There's somebody's at the center of the town square every day. And that's the pleasure that comes from being on twitter. Now he's going to monetize nick. Release a can opener. I'm sure i would imagine you'll agree with me. Had he not said though. This is my one take. I'll say here. How do you not said beans. I don't think anyone would care if you'd have been like a thing of ravioli. Like chef boyardee people have been like whatever but jumping about beans. Yeah with the moniker. Bean dead that's why it's like this. This guy is dean debt. which like. that's pretty funny. But if you examine it at like fifty thousand foot level like try to tell like when i try to think about like all the stuff that went on online when i was i was like you know involved in. Remember the alligator lady tweet. That was the best day on twitter so there was a very tragic death at disneyworld. A young a young boy was was killed by alligators in. Somebody made this tweet narrow like a you know. I i'm so sick of of of you know people's So and so. I don't even care that that this young boy was killed by an alligator which like was just so full of like callousness in whatever but you sit back and you think about those things like trying to explain it like what. If i tried to explain to my wife. She'd be like what are you. Give a fuck would anyone else. That's that's not the point of the website the websites. You're supposed to give a fuck about what everyone else says. But pretend not to give a fuck about what everyone else says fucking being dad by mr bean. Yes he is he he is here. I swear it's on the rundown. No it is. It's it's a great call you horseshoe his his. Pr person fucking do ruin. Just get out there and he. He ended so hot radio yet spicy. Take spicy shrimp. Sure we're talking about soon. Yeah growing concern is on rundown this episode brought to you in part. That's unbelievable brought to you in part by trifecta nutrition. That is right. Hello dc fandome. I'm.

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