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And make a difference basically win windows your season begin when people start seen choice for costs come up in their community by the we we have a annual uh training cop front we bring the coordinators in two uh the washington dc area in fact at the national conference center at least firm for chechnya a great place to conduct a big training conference we bring the coordinators and give about three or four days of intensive training on how to run a campaign how to handle funds distribution the whole nine yards so that they're prepared for the campaign they go back home we send to them all of their promotional materials that they need in order to conduct the campaign and have begins on the first of all ctober uh usually you don't see a whole lot about it and to oh you know campaign moves along just about uh oh about this time into the first part of november that's when you really begin to see things beginning to percolate in your community with respect to the toy for stops campaign then of course after thanksgiving i mean everybody focus their attention at that point to the study upcoming christmas holiday and that's when folks really really really get engaged with programs so it's a it builds over that period of time and obviously culminates with the distribution of the toys uh to the families which usually takes place about the week before christmas pete that sums up perfectly thank you for joining us today thank you for your service to our nation back on active duty and thank you for what you're doing now i'm proud to call you friend and i hope i can support you as you go for anything q again very very much for affording us an opportunity to present the.

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