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I'll tell you why. When we come back anything on your mind today. Four to four twelve six area code five. Oh five. You want to get in touch with me meal. Richard is Santa Fe Dr. Do. Long. Gotta go. Kenya? Now. We'll be coming right back to the Richard E show voice of Santa Fe here on J. DRC? Santa Fe's news talk leader. This hour brought to you by violet crown ultimate experience. A best in class movie. Experience awaits you. Bring your loved ones for feast for the senses at violent crime Santa Fe. This is Peter crown here to tell you about our state of the art offerings, featuring zurve CD wall to wall screens digital surround sound with a comfortable and lush chairs with over forty taps a craft beer wine in regional cider, including items from our stone, hearth pizza oven entrees, and delectable desserts. Join us for a wide variety of films with free four hour parking. This week's exciting schedule includes twenty nineteen Oscar nominated short films, cold pursuit. What men want the movie to the second part the matrix? Dr alita battling magnolia Mondays presents I love in partnership with site Santa Fe and encore twenty eighteen percents..

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