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Wow oh boy john ashley from ashley how did you get involved or interested in healthcare business i got interested in the healthcare business because when we were younger we actually had the business in our home we had a pretty large sized home in burke virginia and we had employees that came in so i ran into physical occupational speech therapist all the time inside the how young review when this was going on oh i was in elementary and middle school and how do you think that affected you the fact that mom and dad are running the business from the house well that my dad always used to emphasize family and we were very close family so that was great in inside the home it really taught us a lot of things we were able to work from home we were able to win my mom was working in during summertime i would set something up called home wreck and that's where i kept my sister my younger sister and younger brother active during the day so we would go to the teachers martin get workbooks and have different stations station for station for math and science and i love doing that my mom used to in order for us to wash tv program which we rarely did we would have to write a paragraph a summary about it didn't matter if it was rugrats our family matters we had to write a paragraph summarizing so they taught us from a very young age i discipline and organization and that's actually where i learned my love of english in writing how's that so that the fact the mama that why why they make you write a paragraph give me that again well because they figured if we were going to watch tv we it needs to at least learn something so had to be grammatically correct it had to be in perfect form and presented to them as so it was either that or go outside so sometimes when we wanted to watch tv we had right and how's that translating into helping your business career nowadays wow so it translates very well i do a lot of a writing for the company i actually i do the website i i think it's more the discipline of having to do something and show show results from it exactly caregivers so didn't bother your friends are outside planning your mom's making you conduct school down in the basement with your family i love day i really i really did my brother and sister actually if we went to the home in burke right now there's someone else living there but i think in the basement on the walls you'll still see some of our things loved what about that what did you love about that i love the creativity i've always been a creative person i was able to shoot my mom young age l really fostered creativity in me and allowed me to make plans for them and plans for us for the day and i like being charged to how's that how's that all affecting the growth of the business while so i've been able to culminate everything from my to my leadership skills into being the have i have multiple sclerosis i was diagnosed at age eighteen so i'm able i really have personal and practically treatments for that you've been through treatment for what so i've been on chemotherapy for fourteen years for i have a very aggressive form of ms and what have you learned from your ms i learned from this disease that i i didn't have an option to.

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