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That's the the path and i also believe that a voluntary i i also believe that a voluntary should be able to should be able to operate as they could within a society and as such as we have right now i mean if somebody is somebody says look i just want to be left the loans and do what i did too it's to live my life to be productive you know why can't shoot why can't you leave me alone oh you saw a you because i signed by allegedly signed some folk phony social contract because i was born on a patch of land in one place hatches leave me alone nia an f i how hard is that men that the best isn't it the whole message leave me alone the i like derivative rewards no know look i i'm with you completely and i guess in the face of all this craziness i mean what we got a hopedfor rate is you you i remember daniel mcadam said this to me once about ron paul and he said no matter how crazy things get our how turbulent you know it all seems what you do is you stick to the message and you grasp on to the nonaggression principle new hold onto it for dear life and what we gotta do is just understand that like you know things are a little bit darker right now than they were in say two thousand twelve but things are are they've been way worse in the past and we've had kind of libertarian moments rather matt i think what we gotta do is is stay consistent be the ones who are arguing for something that's actually morallyjust and that is actually consistent and true and and you know hopefully like i do think to some degree after that charlottesville thing i think the outright think did die down a little bit i think when people see something like that they get turned off to it i think the anti for thing has died down a little bit because people get turned off.

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