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Record lows is about a hundred million Americans are under cold weather alerts and just in time for mother's day Steve Hartman ask kids who they think is the best mom in the world good evening and thank you for joining us tonight another White House staffer this time a top aide to the vice president has tested positive for coronavirus Katie Miller the press secretary to vice president pence is now the second confirmed case tied to the west wing after a valet who serves the president's meals tested positive on Wednesday Miller is married to Stephen Miller one of the president's senior advisers and tonight her test is raising questions about whether the White House is doing enough to distance the president and vice president from others for his part president trump told reporters today the whole concept of tests aren't great those are his words and he said he's convinced the virus will just go away without a vaccine his own advisers have said that's not true tonight the number of confirmed cases in the U. S. has grown to nearly one point three million and more than seventy six thousand have been killed I called the nineteen nation wide it all comes as we're learning just how many Americans are now out of work today the unemployment rate reached fourteen point seven percent that's a number not seen since the Great Depression and there's late word tonight about that mystery illness affecting children that may be connected to corona virus doctors now say it has taken the lives of at least two children there's a lot of news to get to on this Friday night and our correspondents are covering it all CBS is Ben Tracy is going to lead us off tonight from the White House spent nor every White House staff member with close proximity to the president and the vice president is now being tested every day but despite their potential exposure to the virus the president and the vice president are not following their own administration's guidelines to wear a mask and quarantine news that one of the vice president's closest aides Katie Miller tested positive for the virus delayed Mr pence's scheduled trip to Iowa Miller was not on board Air Force two but six staffers who in recent exposure to her had to be removed Katie she tested very good for a longer time and then all of a sudden today she tested positive she hasn't come into contact with me spend some time with the the vice president Miller is with the vice president nearly every day her husband a senior presidential aide Stephen Miller president trump attended their wedding in February held at trump's Washington hotel despite the potential exposure Mr pence did not wear a mask while in Iowa we also now know that president trump was in the same room as his personal White House LA on Tuesday the day before the valet tested positive for corona virus today the president still addressed a group of World War two veterans at a V. E. day ceremony without wearing a mask the wind was blowing so hard in such a direction that if if the plague ever reach them I'd be very surprised if the president says he's now being tested every day and so far is negative but doctors say that may be a false sense of security somebody could become infected thank you betting the virus and test negative every day including yesterday then this morning become infectious still feel fine and spread it to other people before the next test shows that they are in fact infected contradicting his own medical experts today the president said the virus will go away even without a vaccine this this is going to go away without a vaccine it's going to go away and it's we're not going to see it again meanwhile the administration shipments of the drug ram does appear which has shown promise in treating the virus had been slow to reach some of the most hard hit hospitals frustrating many doctors I think it's been somewhat chaotic and it has not been a transparent process the White House press secretary was asked today if the president will ever wear a mask and she said that's up to him but sources say that the White House is convinced of the American people do not want to see the commander in chief wearing a mask north man thank you now to that staggering news about the economy an unprecedented twenty point five million jobs were lost in April that's a decade of gains wiped out in a single month it comes as twenty million Americans are still waiting for their stimulus checks every segment of the work force has been affected CBS is mark Strassmann on who's been hit hardest thousands of lions waited hours for food on Oahu financial free fall is now possible even in paradise on Long Island a box of free groceries brought out the newly needy give me the whole food drive April's job losses were twenty five times worse than any single month of the Great Recession virtually every sector fell into crisis hospitality and travel seven point seven million jobs lost retail lost more than two million manufacturing and health care more than one million each president trump and promised a quick recovery and we'll build something that was even better than we had before most states have partially re open for business but is it safe if they open the will we call what we also don't know is what the next wave could it look like if the economy doesn't pick up quickly enough for these employers to keep people on the payroll some analysts believe restoring all the lost jobs could take a decade or more especially hard hit minority workers the black unemployment rate is sixteen point seven percent among Latinos it's eighteen point nine percent all the sudden we have nothing Fabian de Christine a father of two lost his job as a server at the diplomat hotel in South Florida we don't know when we're going to go back to work on if all of us will be back Digiday report you'll find an even bleaker number if you consider underemployed people and people who have stopped looking for work the broader unemployment rate is nearly twenty three percent and Nora that is a great depression number mark thank you more now to that alarming spike in cases of a life threatening mystery illness that's attacking children across the country reported cases have climbed from fifteen to nearly a hundred in a week the victims range from infants to teenagers at least two children in New York have died here CBS's Adriaan India's the two deaths from the rare mystery illness are the first known American fatalities connected to the inflammatory syndrome which appears related to covert nineteen one is a five year old boy who died last night in New York City hospital the other is a seven year old boy who passed away in Westchester New York last week today doctors from that hospital say they treated at least eleven children with this unusual illness and boys are being hit harder is apparently on the heels of those some period of time after a possible goal with infection the illness which first appeared in Europe causes rashes fever and in severe cases in flames vessels and the heart sending some children into shock at least five of the roughly one hundred confirmed cases are here in Illinois including ten year old Joshua Smith who was in the ICU for a week Dr Julia rose bush treated him right now we don't really have a great way of predicting who's truly at risk for this condition which is of course extremely worrisome to parents Josh was mom bluegreen is Smith who recently recovered from corona virus has been sleeping at the hospital.

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