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For the first time in Belgium's history. A reigning king is expressing regret for the violence carried out by the former colonial power when it ruled over what's now Democratic Republic of Congo. King Philip's letters stop short of an apology, but he has marked the 60th anniversary of Congo's independence from Belgium by acknowledging suffering and humiliation on the Belgian colonization. And acts of violence and cruelty in the Congo free state. That was his ancestor, Leopold's private territory where officials hacked off the limbs of Children and their parents. Quotas for rubber, ivory and minerals. Production were missed. Leopold Statues have been defaced in black lives matter Protests, but only this month King Philip's brother, Prince Laurel, sort to exonerate Leopold. On the grounds that he'd never bean to Congo. The BBC's Mike Sanders, Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu's planned to begin an action parts of the West Bank could be set into motion this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Townhall dot com. Some major East Coast cities will get to enjoy military spectacle in the sky, part of this year's Independence Day celebration. Pentagon says roughly 1700 service members will support a salute to the great Cities of the American Revolution. The flyovers will begin in Boston and proceed to New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. President Trump plans to kick off Independence Day festivities with the show we display at Mount Rushmore the day before. The event will include fighter jets thundering over the 79 year old stone monument in South Dakota's Black Hills and the first fireworks display there since 2009. Keith Peters. Washington Iran Sentencing to death, the journalist who's online work helped to inspire the 2017 economic protests and who returned from exile to Tehran. And again on Wall Street. This hour, the Dow futures down 100 points. ASDA features off for more on these stories, townhall dot com. Now streaming on Salem, now dot com is the brand new film SELFIE Dan Selfie. Dad is a very funny yet powerful movie about a Christian dad in a midlife crisis who becomes an overnight social media phenomenon on Ly to turn away from God and his family. But when he's confronted with a new found friendship and the life changing truths of the Bible, he learns the on ly Way to have true happiness. Some of these things I just can't fix with some sort of direction. I'm finding it right here in the Bible. God can do incredible things. Selfie Dad starts Christian comedians.

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