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Attorney General Bill Bar is defending the just department's involvement in a lawsuit against President Trump Up I'II. Jean Carroll, who accuses him of raping her in the mid 19 nineties in an exclusive with NBC Nightly News Bar says Under federal law, it is not particularly unusual for DOJ to step in when an elected government official is sued civilly in courts. NBC's Pete Williams spoke with bar You explain why the Justice Department has decided To take over the defense in this libel case involving the president. Has done frequently. It's been done for presidents. It's been done for Congressman. The normal process was followed in this particular case you're talking about, and there's a particular cases that are right on point. Critics say the president is using the full power of the federal government to delay these legal proceedings in which he would have to submit a DNA sample and sit for a deposition. The president denies raping Carol The Trump Administration continues backing up their response to protest Ng in big cities like Portland. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, in a speech says he does not believe they overstepped their authority by sending in federal agents, adding the civil unrest in downtown Portland ranks among the top threats facing the US Today the department is resisting the civil unrest is gripping certain cities across the country. Let me be clear those who seek to undermine our democratic institutions indiscriminately, destroy our businesses and attack. Our law enforcement officers.

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