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The Muller. Investigation, and I hope President Trump and those he listens to refrain from that I find the timing very suspect number one. But number two num-, the are paramount view. Is that? Any attorney general whether this one or another way should not be able to interfere with the Muller investigation in any way. They should not be able to end it. They should not be able to limit it. They should not be able to interfere with Muller going forward and doing what he thinks is the right thing, and that will help guide us as we go through this process. Well, it's good to know that the Senator from New York has an opinion on this. What he doesn't understand is first and foremost of the attorney general works for the president, the president can fire, whomever. They choose any time that they want. The second. I don't think the investigation trend either. I think it's a bad idea, but ends, but what I wanna point out is this idea of all you can't fire Jeff Sessions Hera Hera. Hera Nancy Pelosi Twitter, March second two thousand seventeen we are far past refusal. Jeff Sessions lied under oath anything less than resignation or removal from office is unacceptable. That's Nancy Pelosi. That's Nancy Pelosi. On twitter. A year ago? A year ago that that's that's it. Just yesterday. Nancy pelosi. It is impossible to read attorney general sessions firings. Anything other than another blatant attempt by President Trump to undermine end special counsel Muller's investigation. So she she was used for it. Before she was against it. I think is the theme here that we can go with. Is there any doubt in anybody's mind that the president wants to put an end to the investigation. The shouldn't be of course, he wants to end to the investigation was he infuriated. Infuriated that sessions recused himself. Absolutely. He was. Not a question about it. Should he end the investigation? I still say, no. But are we looking into what Russia actually has done in terms of trying to interfere with elections? And what we're going to do about it. Or are we now into what Adam Schiff seems to be really into who'll be he'll be the chairman of the house intelligence committee. Are we into the witch hunt? Let's let's find something because Trump has to be guilty. Left. Always overplayed their hand. They're willing to say anything at anytime. Maybe people feel like the politicians in general. Okay. But here they are. Now, of course, the president can fire Jeff Sessions, anybody who surprised that the firing of Jeff Sessions is being hilarious because everybody knew that he was gone. It was just a question of when and I think it happened. Has that happened fast post? We said it would happen. I think would happen that fast. I think the investigation should finish up. And I think Muller should be done the election's over. Let's see what found sir. More to get to. I'm Tony cats and my sleep number bed, man..

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