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It was very much about a lot movement and the way you move your body. So that really helped with madonna experience. That helped me. And i all that so i did that. That series the series that as sorry was there a lot of like a physical comedy in that then it was mostly mostly physical comedy in it because there was no speaking parts in it it was all it was all not and it was all visual visual comedy which is a real passionate love level. Visual comedy stuff always had them so tomatoes ideal so yeah did not let onto smother work with rag doll including Twenty which lays which is is still see babies now which is sorry twirly lose to. It's mad so yeah. I mean it's a children's program. Yeah 'cause i know the channel cv so for The us audience. This is probably equivalent of maybe like a nickelodeon like it's it's mostly children's company shows and stuff like that As so so sorry Tell me about that one. So so twilly wounds is animation and paul real real filming basically your in the twelve words come from a land invented land but they come into our world and they do things like like some of the postle play these are could be putting up a billable posta and they saw mess things up all comes out bit wrong you know. So they come into our wilderness. A mess about with it and try and teach the children something. I mean that that one was about rolling so you'll rolling the thing so it's always an education in it within did fund because again it's visual comedy. You know when you when you're doing stuff like that and it's it's an when you went with a company that you before you know the people it's really nice 'cause he's like with acts in philly you do. Tend to work with a lot of the same people signed with danzig. That always come around to the people said he'd become a little family So when you when you come back it's not seeing your family for wall. You kinda catch outright. Everybody in it doesn't feel like work all the time to be fast because yo you're enjoying what you do. You enjoy everything else about it. This is one of the things that i think is really important about actors in having those good work environments because you mentioned that you got to go back and work with people that you worked with before probably because they had worked with you in the past like okay. This guy does a good job. You know he's funny. He's good to work with that kind of stuff..

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