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But not on my model so my question is to my listeners. Since i can't seem to figure this out online is there a way for me to watch apple plus on my old devices. is there other than buying the apple. Tv box is there like a fire. Stick or some kind of work around that. I could do 'cause. I really hate watching shows on my computer. I really like watching them on the big screen. So i ask you audience. Please let me know if there's something. I'm missing so today on the podcast. I'm excited to have ricki stern. So ricky is a very prolific director who is heard about way back. I guess about a year or two ago. When i had an elliott goldberg on the podcast talking about the preppie murder series for amc and Ricky directed that and and i've been following her work longer than i knew. Actually she She's right now. Has an incredible series on netflix. Call surviving death. Which i really enjoyed and we really dig into that mostly but we also talk about the amc series and surviving. Jeffrey epstein for lifetime which she also directed and m one of my favorite documentaries ever that that ricky directed About joan rivers called a piece of work Ricky is a manhattan i. She reminded me of me. Homesick for new york. And the pandemic We really get into a lot of sort of the filmmaking in this latest netflix series. And of course. I ask her about her own beliefs because life after death is some some serious business Not for the not for the faint of heart. But if you're interested in in any of that a highly recommended on net flex now so hope you enjoy my chat with ricky. Hi ricky welcome to the podcast. Hi thank you so much for having me. I'm so happy that you're here. I always start my podcast by saying how i met my guests so we're only just meeting each other but we were introduced by elliott goldberg. Who is a good friend of mine. And i know he's been talking about you since the preppy killer Documentary that you did for amc. And he actually came on my pod a to talk about it way back and had high praise for you and and anti. Who's your director yes can it. It's the preppie murder the murder. Yes oh my god. You know what i was reading from. I cut and pasted from your website and run it's ripe but i'm looking at preppy killer in quotes and then the next line is quote unquote preppie murder. So yes i stand corrected. I'm sorry the preppie murder death in central park was the name of the doc is still available for people to see if they haven't seen it right. Yes it's a series on. Amc on sundance on the sundance channel on amc. Great well definitely want to talk about that a little later. But i'm excited to talk to you about your latest work which is surviving death on netflix. It's a six part series. As i said in my intro really i was look. I'm definitely a captive audience on this one because this is something that i've always been interested in. I did a series with the medium years ago and have always been a believer However i was not a believer in reincarnation until i saw your series so before we get into the deep dive on it i would love to hear Was this your creation. Were you a gun for hire direct. Like how did it come to you. So the series is based on a book called surviving death. Same name by leslie. Cain who is a an investigative journalist who i've known for years and who had written a book about ufo's that Anti my phone partner in..

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