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29 in Manassas, at 19 and right now, 33 degrees in friendship Heights brought to you by lend the plumber trusted Same day service seven days a week. And it's 5 21, Maryland's only Republican member of Congress, has been facing calls to resign since the right of the capital, and now doesn't Of state lawmakers have joined together with that same message More than 80, members of the Maryland State House and Senate have signed a letter urging Republican Congressman Andy Harris to leave office, calling him a disgrace and claiming that is quote words and behavior in office of damaged our democracy. After the riot, Harris joined more than 100 Republican House members in voting to contest the results of the presidential election that he says he condemns the violence telling W B A. L T V. When you break a window to break into the capital, you have crossed the line. That you should never cross. Harris has said he will not resign and claims his vote to contest the election was related to legitimate constitutional concerns about voter fraud. Nikolai Nelly w. T. O P News in Loudon County, Two members of the Board of Supervisors are calling for the resignation of Republican state delegate Dave LaRock, who attended President Trump's rally in D C last week, but says he condemns in the strongest of terms those who forced entry into the capital. Gunky and supervisor Julie Briskman and share woman Phyllis Randall. Both Democrats are drafting a resolution for the board to vote on next week. Iraq who represents a portion of Loudon, Clark and Frederick counties, has issued a statement saying that questions raised about the presidential election have not been answered to his and other citizens satisfaction. So how come Maryland become even more fair and inclusive? W T. O P S Luke Luke wrote reports this morning that a state Senate working group has some ideas, including making it easier from Renard. It is to become health care workers. The report covers three main areas, wealth and economic opportunity, environmental justice and health disparities. One of the recommendations is based around maternal mortality rates. Marlon's maternal mortality rate for black mothers is 3.7 times higher than the rate for white. Dr. Tina Chang is a pediatrician and researcher of the recommendations include extending Medicaid coverage for pregnant women. Until 12 months postpartum and ensuring that all pregnant women have awareness of and access to comprehensive prenatal care. The report also recommends increasing scholarships for minorities to attend nursing and medical school. Look, look hurt the beauty O P. News rapper producer and music mogul Dr Dre remains hospitalized in intensive care after suffering from a brain aneurysm, and we're learning that they're not all that uncommon. In fact, about one in 50 people a year in the U. S have aneurysms that haven't ruptured when it comes. Two brain aneurysms. Prevention is the key doctor E. Josh Jemima is a neurologist at Kaiser Permanent. You have a family history where your grandmother or your mother or both of them have had aneurysms and they've had bad outcomes from aneurysms. You should get checked. There are scams that reveal even small aneurysms, but they have no symptoms. When.

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