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On her days with Mandy Dale agreed to stay with her and care for the toddler only to go missing for several hours at a time with no explanation often in the middle of the night, eventually his lack of parental competence combined with his disappearing act would drive Linda passed a point of civility, Linda distance herself as much as she could socially and would attempt to get as far removed from Dale as legally possible. But Dale was only one half of the brutal team that would unleash what he called random recreational violence or are being on the streets of Phoenix. Elsewhere Sam demon soon to become the other half of the team was well on his way down the path of criminality as well. Well, young Dale hausners flair for the criminal was bubbling just below the surface. Sam Dietmen's was frothing with reckless abandon Sam was born on October seventeenth nineteen seventy five and spent the early years of his life and Mankato Minnesota generally causing trouble. Unlike Dale Sam didn't grow up with a tight knit family, but rather with a father who beat his mother and a very unstable living environment. Sam's father Scott had been in the Hells Angels and had done time in prison. A fact that Young Sam was very upset by with his father floating in and out of the picture Sam and his mother were on their own as a preteen he moved with her several times back and forth between Arizona and Mankato while there is much less on record about deepens early life than Dale hausners. It is known that he was exposed to drugs and alcohol at an early age which led to a string of arrests including you is. Marijuana possession property damage and shoplifting charges. Just during his time in kaneohe at age sixteen Sam fathered a daughter, although the child would remain with her mother and Minnesota subsequently Sam had a warrant out for his arrest for over fifteen hundred dollars in unpaid child support in his early twenties. Sam finally moved from Mankato to Phoenix for good his mother coming along as well with this seemingly permanent change Sam was able to convince his family and himself that he had abandoned his troubled life of crime in the midwest for a brighter future down south. Unfortunately, a brighter future was not in store for him while he did become a union electrician and worked several odd jobs. He was never able to consistently support himself and seemed to be inches away from trouble wherever he went. He was divorced and lived with his mother and a new stepfather with whom he had a less than stable relationship. Eventually sam. Life. Took an upturn while working as a bartender at Pollock Joe's here. He made a friend who would forever impact his life. A drinking buddy by the name of Ron Horton. A single father long was struggling to raise his three sons after his wife left him without warning Ron work the job in construction and spent what little free time he had caring for the boys often acting as a helicopter parent, and forcing his own needs in favor of his sons by late two thousand four at the urging of his mother Ron had taken a step back allowing the kids some breathing room and himself a chance at a personal life. Ron began hanging out at several bars on the west side of the city, including the rib shop the stardust in and the amber in frequenting them enough to befriend the regulars and earned that identifier as well while drinking at Pollock Joe's, Ron became fast friends with Sam Theron Sammy appeared to be a standup guy who never missed an opportunity to pay back a favor. At the time they met Sam was doing as well as he could working for Honeywell as an electrician by day, and drinking or bartending all night. But in early two thousand five Ron noticed that SAM's life had spiraled downward his stepfather kicked him out of the house. Although Sam furious claimed he had left by choice. Pollock Joe's shut down leaving Sam without a bartending job. He got into an argument with a supervisor at Honeywell and was transferred and a second argument resulted in his termination Ron's fatherly instincts kicked in as he thought about SAM's children back in the mid west. He knew Sam was responsible for sending money to help raise them. And after all Sam was his friend. So Ron did what any friend would he opened his home to Sam demon offering him a place to stay in exchange for SAM's electric services, fixing the wiring in his house Sam had temporarily been saved..

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