Donald Trump, David Fromm, Britain discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


This is you want to know why we're entering into a tribal routine here why we were getting closer and closer to political tribalism that is going to end poorly for all involve the reason is because the left has created the anti left tribe gay that's what's happened this is why this is why donald trump was successful he didn't campaign conservative campaign is an anti left fighter and a lot of people said okay fine well if he's against them i'm with him this is how you generate that if the left really wanted to have a serious conversation they wanted to prevent this sort of tribalism all they have to do is recognize that there are people with whom they disagree that they will still allowed to be part of the discourse and i don't mean people like david fromm who pretend to disagree with them but really agree with them on a broad swath of policies if they continue along these lines that are gonna they're really cruising for a bruising the really crews there's gonna be a backlash and it's going to be uncontrollable and they're not going to like the impact are ready not like the pack is the the backlash is already underway okay so now i wanna talk a little bit about some insanity the tapping in great britain because this is truly crazy so apparently there's been wild upswing and the amount of murder in london well that's not a tremendous shock considering the demographics of london have changed the policing in london has changed wildly of the mayor of one in city con is really terrible at his job but the murder rate in london now outstrips the murder rate in new york which is pretty incredible actually write the murder rate in britain has always been extraordinarily low this is why when people say well you know you ban guns in britain that's why the murder rate is low the murder rate was low before the band's on guns in the marin britain was always quite low but here is here's what it says according to today online on thursday april fifth five teenagers were stabbed in an hour and a half before sunset including boy of thirteen all these attacks to place in london over the past week part of an apparent spike in violence.

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