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I always love making up stories and i don't know if i was writing right away but i was always telling stories from the oldest of five boys storytelling was something that was just a natural nina it's a passion of mine that's part of the the babysitting handbook as well to keep your brothers calm i guess you had to reach into that sometimes to entertain them oh yeah big big time you got if as the oldest you want to take some heat off of owned dad and help out any way you can yeah that is what i have two boys in the amount of energy that they expend in the day five has got to be something my my mum's pretty strong yeah this book the magician secret is about a boy whose grandfather wants him to believe in the power of imagination key tell me about your own grandfather his influence in your life oh yeah i have a great relationship grandfather growing up us actually the one time and my brothers all these crazy stories and you know you tell us that he was a professional athlete he played on the new york yankees that was one story then he was on the dallas cowboys the next day and we'd go to school and we tell her over buddies grandpa he does all the stuff and he doesn't he does and a little do we know he's just always making it up but we believe that and that was kind of what inspired me to write the story of you know believing in yourself in imagination the power of magic nation stories did you tell your brothers when you were growing up was it sports related to was it imagination running wild a little bit of everything i think that we would when we would go and play outside and we played road hockey we would make stories up ourselves so i'd be i don't know when i was a kid i loved matson denied be mattson dean going down on on a breakway one of my brothers would be cujo in that trying to make a big save so but then when we.

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