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I want one man from each boat to come up to be interviewed or not interview because he should get. Maybe we can help the next week. So i got a board. This let and i went up and i was interviewed by a navy guy and a big on guy. That guy had hands as big as a baseball and he just something like. I said i was shocked. He does something tapped me on. The show is like a hook. Like so i wasn't in this army guy said to me says son. Let me teach you something. Those machine guns can only fight. If it's long then they burn they get hot and they gotta change. Change the barrels. Change the bottles. That's when dropped the rent. So i said how much time do i have. Two or three seconds changed the barrel. That's what i did so then after if you see. My boat already pulled away to twenty-eight some waiting for another boat and i'm standing on deck. Nobody's around me because stunk to high heaven. My your phone is covered with blood puke standing by myself. And i said to myself. Do i wanna go back into the belly of the beast. If i didn't want to die. So i thought about it for a while and i said to myself if i don't go they're going to replace suppose replaced. It gets killed. How could i devote myself. So i made up my mind. I'm going back and it went back fourteen more times. I may fifteenth chips together the gym on the beach. Germans own the bee's us and they were slowing truths left and right from the hilt from the grant from the ground. These these four guys here no chance you know. It was flat like a like a pool table no place. I can't think in san they were gonna kill so fast. So i was a little bit of a thanks. To coast guardsmen. Like frank davita. Thousands of american troops made it ashore on omaha beach however those who survived the initial torrent of bullets and advanced across the beach..

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