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Dealer William Mueller, his wife, Nancy, and their eight year old daughter, Sarah Power. It's an example of why we're constantly told the buckle up Friday's wreck in the 4300 block of Glen Way Avenue near Carson School in Price Hill, critically injured the driver of a 19 96 rap for Cincinnati. Police say 31 year old Geoffrey Bay lost control of his Toyota slammed into a box truck coming in the opposite direction. Bay was not strapped in and was badly hurt. The driver of the box truck, a 44 year old man was wearing a seat belt and he walked away. Cincinnati police Don't know yet of speeding was a factor in this collision, but they think impairment Wass I'm Matt Reese News Radio 700. WLW, Another Metro City bus driver has tested positive for Cove in 19. The driver remains in quarantine at home because of hippo laws. Metro not releasing. The employee's name per standard safety guidelines. Metro immediately conducted contact tracing and have notified other employees who may have been in contact with the operator. Metro is saying the driver provided services. On July, the sixth and seventh on Route 17 7 Hills Mount Healthy, Mount Airy North Gate between 6 19 on 11 42. A And Route 33 Western Hills Glen Way between 3 29 and 5 47 PM, A Rocky River teen in North Central Ohio. This is west of Cleveland, is a finalist on a national duct tape. Tuxedo competition. His name is Joshua Ojala. His creation was selected out of 355.

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