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Not been much of a winter so far, not much snow. Certainly that was not the story in 1979 were marking an anniversary of that nasty blizzard in 1979 and WGN's chief meteorologist, Tom Skilling, talked with WGN's Bob Surat about that. Do you know what the forecast was? Prior to January. 13th of 1979 0. Yeah, you know, it was interesting. That blizzard was different than its counterpart and 67, which is the benchmark snowstorm. The forecast was pretty well handled. You know, the expectation had been something like 10 inches or more of snow, and there were Blizzard conditions predicted. You know that That was an amazing storm. I mean, think about what that did politically in this city. You know, Seated a bear introduced Jane Byrne to us and a serious sense. And you know, the city that worked. We knew wasn't working at that point, because we have been brought to a standstill by that snow. Remember that we couldn't get that winter started with snow storms on December 1st. We had snow storms every two weeks leading up to it. So the snow that came down with that, with blizzard strength winds came down on all the snow that have been accumulated. Up to that point in time, and that was kind of the stick that broke the camel's back on. They're saying one amazing storm kind of storm. Mary Vandeveld has been hoping for the Skilling says that it changed the way roads are treated in the city and inches No in this city untreated can create, as you know, amazing traffic problems. But you know the decade of the seventies, Bob produced the worst series of winners of any in since we started keeping records back to 18 71. And actually, we kept records before that, But the Chicago fire destroyed the weather records. So that's why our weather record goes back. Only 18 71, but in all that time every winter Uh, produced nothing like the winners in the seventies. Every snowstorm was followed by sub zero cold and it rendered the use of salt on our streets. They ineffective So it was a bad point. The city started putting calcium chloride him with assault, which Lower the temperature, which we'd melt snow because the problem in the seventies was they would salt the roads and then traffic heat with melted down the ice. He had glaze ice on all the inner sections with just salt. So the realization came into being that we had to do something do affect the chemicals were putting on the roads, so they had a calcium, poor eye and wow, that changed the whole scene in terms of Snowstorm treatment by the city was in 19 at the time of kid and a lot of people have snowmobiles. Then the dad's in town and they would go out to buy 57 pull people out of cars trapped on I 57 Bring them into the high school gym. I'll never forget that storm art. Another storm closer to home. The National Guard Public Affairs officer, Lieutenant Colonel Brad Leighton, is talking about preparations at the capital. He talked to WGN's John Williams this week. If they are assigned a.

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