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This this giving law hey listen to harrison is too much notice and finish can we know how much tang or with this as poetry and how much truth can we say joe ruble real estate go going to shake jesse waters andrew gold jersey go mayor them as me all the patriotic is absolutely shameful everybody's to wake up and realize this family is of patriotic family what's happening right now it isn't co it is back in english was hatch shen throughout the bigger it's true man a left his old applause to ruin everything has an at way and now she tries to clean up our act a little bit after hearing from jesse waters she had no choice okay you know she was careful to not really completely throw president trump under the bus before all right but she threw everybody herat that surround ransom under the bus guy and she was very nasty and very denigrating our maybe that's a very severe too much of a severe word she should she admitted i vote for trump but dg xi who should actually give oh yes she didn't i don't remember she did so she she mcglynn rent what what she said about kellyanne conway about the collusion i she ice have read it i've read it on the air it's the truth is the truth this whole collusion thing is an illusion it that's all it is it's nothing but an illusion so now here so real russian ties okay here's some real russian ties now i'm sure jesse included that because he will he just went down the list we have loretta lynch on the thai tarmac remember that so i actually on i actually typed out a little bit indepth here okay the airplane meeting took place on the tarmac at the phoenix harbor international airport several days before hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi they were investigating her a came basically several months after the gathering lynch told the media that she regretted the meeting with bill clinton because quote eight did make people wonder is it going to affect the investigation that's going on i mean come on that that's a joke in itself the infamous tarmac meeting between president clinton and attorney general at the.

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