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Jeff levering tells Wisconsin's morning news Clayton Kershaw might be the gold standard. But he's not unbeatable. He is really good. But the brewers have had some success against him over the last couple of years and in the quote, unquote, Craig counsel era. He's only won one game against the brewers. So that bodes well for Milwaukee. He's taught listening. He's he's really top. He's as good a pitcher has anybody seen in the big leagues for the last ten years game. One of the NFL CBS Friday night at Miller park. First pitch set for just after seven o'clock Clayton Kershaw scheduled to start for Los Angeles brewers starter to determined the bucks wrap up the preseason Friday night at home of the annual MAC fun game taking on the timber wolves status of timber wolves guard Jimmy Butler in question. However, Minnesota looking to shop the all-star the heat are one of the more. Interested parties, according to ESPN on the football field. The badgers will take on Michigan twelfth rate in Ann Arbor this weekend. It'll be a Saturday night game primetime badgers. Head coach Paul Chryst on the wolverines defense ranked third in the nation to do a great job of the design of it. You know, coach Brown's heck football coach. And and so when you got a really good scheme and. Talented lay said really talented football players, and they trust it. They trust themselves. And they're playing really well right now man just in case you need another reason to love brewers journeyman catcher, Erik Kratz. Did you know the thirty eight year old was a pitch man for Turkey bacon. I heard that this is when he played for the Philly's in two thousand thirteen Erik Kratz the catcher for Philadelphia, right? Yes. I am. You're a Turkey. Just.

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