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Tiffany is gonna talk to hannah And again hannah was intending to tell tiffany like hey exit. Oh sorry before we before we move on. I'm big d also asks. He says right so higher tiff. Now which one is gonna go first and xs like you know. Unthinking tip has to go first now has to be first out from the sex. Whatever for tiffany. It's great for tiffany. But it's also like they weren't and she thinks that they're coming for her anyway so it's not like it's a big surprise that she she's who out next. She knows big wants that she. She already said it to her conversations. Like i really think that. I'm gonna be going out six or five. And so if this is the actual thing she can be kind of planning for it and she got so. Tiffany talks to. Hannah and hannah was intending to tell Tiffany about xavier. Being pissed off but tiffany. Is i going to sort of like Let bill hanna in on all the conversations that she has she's had today and she says look i talk to. It went terribly and he was like. Oh what do you mean She's is basically a aasa doesn't trust you I asked her who she trusts. She said big and meet. I don't think. I don't think she actually trust me. I think she was just saying that to me But clearly she doesn't trust you. Because every time i mentioned you it was all. It was all sketchy Answers and And i tried to talk to her about like us. Three moving forward. She did not seen into it. She just kept talking about Talking about knocking to win this game. And i don't think she's on board with us i don't think she's down And so. I don't know. I don't know where we go for. I talked to big d and he was even worse he's so clearly coming after me so clearly has a deal with the guys So like i don't know it's it's kind of making me feel like we need to reevaluate as they're talking. Exhibitor comes in and they're like. Hey hey antithesis xavier. I wanted to talk to you. I haven't really had a chance to talk to yet. As should have seen the see through a mile. Away i he. She does like all of the docking. Here she's like. I know that we've discussed three of us Tiffany hannah exam. You're going to the three to the end together. I wanna know if that's still something that you're you wanna do. He's like yes. It's a good good. Because i've talked to everyone today. And you know. I'm thinking that i definitely we definitely should be moving in that direction. And he's like what what other people say she's she explains. How big stone walter She said that only said she trusts. Big d- An ex xavier's Is set What do you think he wants to do and And hannah's like. I don't think i want a either of us hannah or xavier in the final four. And so hannah's trying to get him pointed at tiffany's actually trying to be like well. I think i might wanna keep around a little bit longer. Of course tiffany wants him to go after a big d and i but But this is a brief conversation where You know tiffany is now saying. Hey us three or at least a four with with potentially thailand because tiffany is go ahead. Finish your conversation with hannah after this And she says i really. I look and i wanted to ride with aasa sisters but it is not gonna work because she doesn't see it that way and we cannot get rid of guy so we have to do big d and then also and we have to go to with with xingkai it's not ideal by its but allah is just not down. So we're just gonna have to be x. guy in the end and And that's that's kind of. That's kind of where we're at. I mean i see tiffany's logic here. Of course i'm i wished that in that moment maybe hannah was like. I don't know if we can trust xavier here because like he's still pretty upset with what happened beforehand and so you may just be saying what he needs to say in this particular moment but i don't know if he actually it's going gonna follow through with that so just so you're aware when you're making your decisions here like i don't know a one hundred percent if exhibitors okay with you that would have been nice and yeah. So we'll we'll see i mean hannah seems to because hannah has now been informed. That is not into her still after all this time because she there has been history. there so. I think hannah is genuinely like okay. Maybe we do need to reconsider this. We do need to take this path now. Obviously this is the opposite of the ideal. I mean if you could make it like if you're hannah and tiffany and you're looking at xavier thailand. Big d. aasa and you're like pick to to bring to the final four not those two good ones and bad ones. Okay pick one one bad one. Okay all right well. Sometimes it makes sense to bring one threat to the end. That can win competition as long as their loyalty. You and you can beat them. Indiana picking thailand in the final three. That's fine for tiffany. Pick one more the other bad one. What's maybe she'll be able to things over with like maybe 'cause it's not gonna win any power so and it's most likely not going to be xavier on the sorry on the block. So it's most likely tiffany and claire on the block next week. So claire is gonna be gone and it's going to be double but you know what i'm saying and so i don't know she'll get that she'll get the opportunity to make that happen. I don't know you think that xavier and sorry. I'm thailand and tiffany are gonna be on the block. i like. who do you think will be up. I out of the six most.

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