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That's right leaves and then you came back. Then put belsky almost one you energy drink of energy drink that this week. You want to take one on the Fly? Let's pick a game on the Fly you want to do this Packers Bucs game. Sure. That's perfect. You pick. I won last week, so I think we're even so I don't I'll take the pack. All right, I'll take the box and force and get a root for Brady. But that's what I need to do. I think the Box will probably win but I can't root for Brady so smart. Yeah, that's all right. Let's give another big shout-out to the Big Man on Campus, which is another actually Mike Spivey ISM basically know is as well as long are college graduate. That's another one. That's not good in their late. Just so many good things from him and he loved your dad. Happy 60th. We'll see you tomorrow or Thursday depending on when you're listening or 3 and 1/2 weeks ago. So we'll just describe the podcast him. I know I hope he hasn't listened to on the way home. You'll spoil or his party. Yeah, you just pumped his surprise for the party dummy. Don't think it's going to listen. I think it's frozen like a popsicle. That's probably true any Needs Mom to start it. If I had to guess Mom has to start it when they play it without a doubt. He's probably seen Alexis started up in the car right off. Everyone's looking on. All right. I think that's all we got to make sure to check us out on social media at Spivey special on Instagram Twitter and Facebook page. Maybe we'll get a pole up this week. I think we let's do a bracket this week do it will get some ideas will come up with some brackets. Make sure to check out our website by we special podcast. I can listen to the podcast see some of the fun recipes that we did. You can also donate to the show if you'd like to help us keep doing the show. That would be rad click donate tab at the top of the page. The only thing left I got is that you're fat,.

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