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Joe chew men are aboard with dogs to chard and now a shaky beginning to the ballgame from julio who looked so sharp has last time out against the river dikes back in april seven shut out of the anc's that he turnedin and now a chance blake rufford the lefthanded hitting rightfielder till played rufford hitting to 66 this year the anc he's first round pick an eighteen th overal selection in last year's draft one homerun twenty one runs batted in julio we mentioned it hasn't had a win since april the twentyseventh got one in greensboro that was his start following the seven shuttered innings against charleston those were both of his two three wins as the first future ruppert is taken force reich outside edge hasn't had a win sense that outing on april 27 he is one of six pitchers in the league with eight or more losses in three of those hurlers are on this asheville pitching staff a one of the way and alan smashed on the ground hard into right field they are going to hold up market third it's cut off by obree you in thrown in show after the walk backtoback singles reduce steel and the ruppert his loaded up the bases for charleston in his staff of the first i so as estevan glory all patrols his way toward own platelets said she ever the asheville defense here in the top of the first these taylor snyder and i max george jose gomez and then the third baseman bobby warren says she go around the horn and the outfield names of ben johnson many melendez and william bray you go and left the ride ryan sirven is back behind the plate working with the righty julio first pitch to four y'all is popped up and fouled beyond the grandstands lefthand side four y'all nother all star in.

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