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Wednesday, baby. It is already Wednesday. Of course tomorrow. Hear club for men. Does it get any better? Men and women are invited. Is what? Why you looking me that way? Gary Lewis with you. It is your morning ritual. Can s t e a. M 7 90. Tucson's most stimulating talk three things I think you need to know and we'll dress Ryan's face. Arab is anything can actually be addressed with the fate? You have a great He's a great rbf face. Maybe due tomorrow. The beer club. Uh, three things I think you need to know. Number one. Way you stop looking at me that way. It's your faith that right there that look that just it works on the radio number one Texas governor Greg Abbott. Does the best thing that any governors and he's out to Santa's descent. US. He came out and said Tommy issue an executive order. Banning masks banning mass wearing No city. No town. No county can actually enforce and require master be warned, and he went further and said schools in Texas can no longer require masks. To be warned, which is absolutely phenomenal. And wait'll. You hear the reason why he did this, by the way. Oh, yeah. That that's it. It's a big one right there. So this is what I myself would be nice of Lucifer could do the same thing here right would be great. Um, the second thing I think you need to know Scottsdale Unified School District. Here we go, baby. It happened again. Hundreds of parents showed up. To demand that mask wearing be optional. And instead of listening this, Scott still school board Chicken Down, said. You're not all wearing masks, and we require that so we're going to recess the meeting. We're going to run away and that's exactly what they did. They refused to actually hear what the parents had to say. And it was pretty pathetic and we have the sound bites for that as well. Third thing I think you need to know so Maricopa County did not show up yesterday. To the Senate hearing to answer questions about why they are deleting files, not sending ballots in boxes that are properly sealed. All this stuff they didn't show up, but a cyber ninjas? I don't know who it is. Maybe it's the guy that runs it, but somebody from cyber ninjas Answered questions, so they actually were able to recover all the deleted files. From the voting machine. So from the database, so I guess maybe they'll find out at some point who did delete them. Maybe why they were deleted. They're trying to hide all kinds of stuff. The pressure is on three things I think you need to know And don't have to mention we have David talk about anymore. The Tucson repealed. The mass mandate doesn't matter anymore. I think we're kind of over it Hardly. I mean, now it's just the school stuff. And by the way, how about the science on that? And how about this? I do remember Fauci. This is all coming back because people again, they want to still believe the CDC like there's some suckers out there. Some real suckers did wasn't it just like a week and a half ago that Fauci came out and said. You know? We've had, like a non existent flu season. So what masks may become seasonal, You know, nobody really got the flu. Nobody got a cold. Nobody. Nobody really got that stuff so we make we might just have masks Be seasonal. Notice that's out the window now. Science. Science. So Greg Abbott did a great thing. Governor Greg Abbott. But don't sit back and give too much praise. I know. Come on, Gary. Just so tough. I listen. Let me just tell you the reason Greg Abbott decided to go well decided to do the right thing. Let's just say right the night the right Conservative, normal American thing to do. Reason he did it. Is because of competition. Um I know at the last legislative district 11 meetings that my wife attended. There was someone that got up there and said, When you contact lawmakers don't tell them you're going to primary them. That's not that's not productive. That's not the right thing to do. That was said So again, just don't use any of the leverage. So I don't know if you heard about what Greg Abbott did or not, but again, you know masks basically anywhere in Texas. If you want to do it you can. He's not saying you can't do you want to do it? You can. But he's saying schools can require kids to wear more staff or or your teacher. Anybody. That can't happen. Cities like Austin was like, No. We still have our mass mandate. He's like. No, you don't. I'm gonna find you if you do. So the reason this happened. Is because Of competition. You see, this is not getting a lot of play. But It was just about a week ago. A former lawmaker. And very, very rich and influential Texan. Named Don Ho Fines Threw his hat in the Texas governor's race to challenge Greg Abbott. This guy is the actual conservative. He helps fund all kinds of conservative organizations. Um He He is a threat to the establishment. Right? That's what he is. So Greg Abbott, who kept the state of Texas closed down way too long. Uh, mocked and ridiculed and went after us a salon owner in Dallas because, she said, I need to make a living and the people that rent the chairs from the need to make a living like, why can't we get a haircut? This is ridiculous..

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