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You're on the court but you could have gone to a thought you might go oh to pay pal which also would put you in twenty nineteen so it's well hold. I got post meets on my phone. Now i could order stuff door dash man. I'm excited man. I got bin is then mo then my door. Dash is post me and all that stuff man i i. I tell you what what tell you what i've been doing this amazon saying man you know an amazon you can order anything in the world comes to your house the next day. It's awesome gossip columbus. You just saw the new world gus congratulate bhakti. I'm out of the dark ages deitz gusts for you <music> a given that you've called. I mean so many sports bass you know n._b._a. We mentioned college football college basketball international global soccer kc speaking at college football. What are the challenges unique to call in college football us. What specifically is challenging about that sport well. What's really really challenging about college football unlike the in the n._f._l. That has a fifty three man roster college football. We have a hundred guys on each team with double. Numbers numbers and number five can be playing running back the number five could be planned defensive tackle so that kind of challenging the pain pain in the butt sometimes because the coaches have so many players sometimes they forget and all of a sudden you know joel and i'll be up there calling the game and here comes number eighty nine and <hes> onto the field making plays. We don't have an eighty nine on the depth chart on the roster not even in the <hes> press guy so you get a little ooh jittery. Sometimes we don't know but you just don't know sometimes. We even have to go on the air when that happened to say hey they. The coaches didn't talk to us about number eighty nine dan <hes> trubisky and i'm sorry did we didn't know about them but nobody told us so. Bill schneider didn't tell us about eighty nine nine and i think that's one of the big challenges. Sometimes we're also stadiums because some of these stadiums sit eighty ninety to one hundred two thousand people were really really really up on a high perch like a sixteen seventeen story building and with some of these new uniforms they can be hard to see the numbers six. Look like a five and look like at eight and you know so that's that's kind of difficult sometimes but all in all i think yeah <hes> it's a pretty seamless process because i want to ask you about social media because you have a twitter account but you have not tweeted at least as i'm looking at this since may twenty fifth twenty twelve so you are. You are clearly not active on that and i wonder at least active putting out stuff and i wonder it. Is that an intentional choice and if so what what is your thinking behind that i'm just too old for all that stuff man. I don't have time. I'm for social media. I don't i don't feel like it i don't i don't think anybody's interested in knowing what i think and seeing what i see is just my whole goal when i'm not working enough spending time with my family is to be able to hit a five iron one hundred in eighty five yards to a spot. That's what i want to focus on because <hes> i'm plugged in enough and when i'm not working i want to unplug so i kind of like being in my little matrix. I'm not taking that blue pill. I take the red pill all day long. The red pill didn't that keep you in the ray tricks. I believe so i just wanna just just be live and not have so many things think about or listen to people's opinions or even offer mine because i don't think anybody really cares so i leave the social media i leave the social. Oh shoot media to the young cats man. I think that's that's that's for them it. It brings up a point gus and that is you know <hes> social. Media is a place where people blown sports. Sometimes we'll discuss social issues race politics <hes>. I know you're well aware that e._s._p._n..

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