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What are you going to feed your pets tonight? Probably the same food that they had last night, the night before. And is it any good? Well, if you were with us last hour, you learned how the pet food industry is being regulated from the pet food institute. This hour, we're going to talk to a gentleman who has created a film and a great film you should check out called pet fooled. Cole Harrington will be joining us, and he thinks he thinks you're being cheated and so are your animals and it could be fatal for them. So you want to stick around for that. Very upset. That's Sunday and the kitchen saying, I like what Cole Harrington has to say. Now feed me. What do you got coming up this hour, Lori? Well, the top 5 favorite animal characters of all time. So that's not the lassie in the loud Sundays. That is the animated characters. No, mister Ed, because mister Ed's not everybody's looking at me. Who's mister Ed? I remember mister rant. I love that show. Okay, that's on the way in just a couple of minutes. Let's hit the phones right now. Ask your questions from the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. Hi, who.

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