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That was hornbach. The mgm c. o. Talking optimistically about the opening of allegiance stadium to full capacity time for for this season talking to to the raiders. There obviously optimistic as well. Knock on wood no question. They're you know they're they. They have to adhere to whatever the state. Regulations are at that point But but you know their hope is that allegiant is going to be open You know a restriction free. Come august when when season comes around. Preseason comes around and i know that There they understand especially with the feedback that they're getting from fans How everyone is it up the bit to get inside legion stadium and really make it the home field that everybody envisioned here in las vegas. That stadium was going to be An and you know we've talked about this ad. How many times sitting the empty stadium in an important parts games and we're all sitting there wondering wow what would it be like if sixty sixty five thousand people were were in this building. I want to get your thoughts on that. But also and Mark between the president of the raiders brought this up as well You know when you think about allegiance stadium As fans they're thinking about getting in there and make it. A great environment for the raiders. Making a difference as we've seen other stadiums difference makers and key parts of the game just because of the atmosphere that creates and all of that is true But when you think about allegiance. Stadium the stadium. This deal this partnership between the nfl. And las vegas and the state of nevada There's financial implications as well and the stadium is expected to be a driving force Here in las vegas and not just for the stadium. Not just for the raiders. Not just for you know The people that run the stadium. But let's be honest about it. You know people like bill hornbach over at mgm. And and you know the the sands corporation everyone that has a vested interest in the hospitality. Business here in las vegas having a stadium like allegiance stadium open full-throttle throughout the course of the year. This isn't just a football stadium. This is going to have super balls in final fours events and concerts and you know we could go on and on about what is going to be in there. What's what's what does that mean. That means people are coming to las vegas Yes obviously the locals are going to be supporting a big time. But throughout the state of nevada throughout the western part of the country and really even nationally people are going to be coming in on weekends for big events and staying up hotels and eating at the restaurants and gambling and drinking and do all those things at pump money into this economy were coming off covert teen And you know everything. All all siser are pointing up as far as getting back on our feet here in las vegas but this place was going to be a strong i of financial influence as it is but even but now coming off covid nineteen and the importance of getting really getting back to two strikes hereafter. What was really tragedy. People losing jobs. The economy being obviously affected because the tourism Industry took a big hit during covid. Nineteen that as well is an important part of this is not just what is going to look like in their on sundays which we all can't wait But what it means to this. Local and state is huge as well right. Do you survey the landscape in. The pandemic was devastating for everybody. That's not that's not breaking news like it was devastating for everybody. But this vegas like you said this. This market relies on tourism and hospitality. That's a majority of the economy that more people work here into in hospitality than anything else and part of hospitality. Part of like you said why people come here for entertainment for shows for what they thought would be football games for concerts for offensive. Elisa's stadium was really a game. Change right we'll beyond say would go on tour before there wasn't a venue in vegas that she could go performance. Now there is right and now there are now the mega fight like canal. Alvarez billy joe saunders down eighteen stadium in dallas. They considered allegiance to you but at least stadium was already to have a full capacity of fans yet. So you think about the marks events boxing. Ufc concerts like you. Said final fours wrestlemainia. Whatever you name it. This allegiance stadium opens the doors for all those possibilities to come in vegas and It's going to be we're gonna get this year. What we thought we were going to. Have you know last year. Going into the season. And i really. I think it's even going to be amplified even more because think about the excitement or the energy that people who raiders fans in general of different events build up cheering on team from the couch the entire year when they thought there would be at the game. So the i-it's is the perfect timing. I mean really. I mean it kind of needs to happen and i'm really excited now. Like you said we got to see where the pandemic set. Obviously were all really optimistic. We want this to happen. But we're gonna see where everything's happening. It feels many living in vegas. That things are starting to turn a corner here by. Hotels are starting to back up. The cases are it. Feels like it's getting to be more manageable vaccine is being more and more distributed and it's like there's a glimmer of light at the end of this long tunnel that we as a country we as a community vegas. Musil world have been just driving through waiting for some kind of end in elision stadium in the nfl. Like i if if the raiders adding their full season here in front of fans if that's like the metaphorical sunshine at the end of the tunnel. I'm all for it right. If if it can safely happened than it needs to happen you know some of those games last year right like the really competitive fund ones were. Were going to be competitive fun nonetheless foot like you really felt in absence of a crowd like football spectators when you have sixty five thousand strong making noise a being into the game like it makes the experience more fun for everybody involved including us as journalists. It feels like there's more of an event on as opposed to just a game being played for tv audience so It's it's here will say that. Very optimistic still still cautiously optimistic. I guess characterize it but there's a light at the end of the tunnel in vegas news is more than ever in the really looking forward to it absolutely And with that we'll wrap it up. I want to say thanks to all our listeners. 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