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In our business that you would lose sleep because you were worried that oh my gosh. What am I going to talk about on the next show? Would be laying there going. Oh, maybe I could just talk about something random. I'll just you know, all bring up something that happened in in my life and talk about it for five hours note. Remember when when I first got into talk radio years ago. Uh-huh. Because there weren't a lot of topics because we didn't have social media and things didn't move webs. Yeah. Internet. Yeah. Or the internet yet ex. Well, that's great. That's what came first chicken or the. Yeah. Right. The internet came before social media. Thank you. Thank you for the correction or or the the the additional information. Right. Thank you for the additional information that it was before the before social media. Existed out there. There used to be talk show questions. People used to come talk show questions. I remember one that everybody used to joke. If you've got nothing to talk about ask the question toilet paper. Over under over or under that actually was a talk show topic in early talk radio. Just so people know. Yeah. And I'm by the way, I never asked a question. I don't know if you ever did. I never ask that question. No, I didn't. I I do have the debate with my lovely bride about every once in a while. But no other than that. But no not now, it's and you are having this discussion about the the fact that if you're talk show host today, it's almost it is almost impossible. Because of how fast news moves to take a day off like I'm gonna take a day off and not pay attention. Maybe if you're out somewhere in in Bora Bora. No because Bora Bora has wifi. So forget about it who doesn't have five. Why as I don't care where you go. You're going to you're if you've got a phone you're going to be able to keep up with the the news. And maybe if you're out in the northwest. All right. You've decided I'm going to take vacation to the northwest. Territories. Or I'm going to go way way up in Alaska. Okay. You're going to be dead. You're not going to be able to get any type of cell signal. There's one area of Colorado that I go to and you don't have it's it's very spotty in terms of service. You have to go very specific area. But other than that, right? When you get back down to the cabin area. It's going Engels rural areas or at my house. You can't get a cell signal. The one place you need it. But if you're talk show host today, and I and I was telling you when I when I woke up because when I woke up to go to work, I already had a message from a friend of mine friend of mine Kelly sent me a message, and it was how did the New York Times get Trump's taxes, right, right? And I'm thinking to myself. And so I I didn't even know I said, well, let me answer. And I figured okay. There's got to be a huge story out there. What did I miss when I was when I was sleeping. And so I said, well, somebody must have got it. I'm gonna get to legally and leaked it. Well, I should have sent her that because it was actually wrong that isn't what happened. We'll get to what happened here in just a couple of moments. But then I started going through social media, but even Twitter locally was useless. Because of the one game that the Dallas Stars were involved with with the Saint Louis blues, and it was dominated. So I even went to the drudge report, and they didn't have the headline up yet. And and and so I can't remember where I found it can't even tell you where I found it. But I finally found the the the first story wasn't even in the New York Times. It was the one of the Seattle newspapers that reprinted what the New York Times had. And then I then I found out I go, well, this isn't the eighties. Well, there's nothing new here. And I just went. Wow. This is it and as I told you I came in. I said this story is going to be dead by by Friday. Yeah. It's you know, so they got some copies of tax returns from eighty five to ninety four right? And a lot of it is what we already knew at the time did not actually have the president's tax returns received. The information contained in the returns from someone who had legal access to it. The times was unable to find matching results in the IRS information on top earners a publicly available database that each year. Comprises a one third sampling of those tax payers with identifying details removed. It also confirmed significant findings using other public documents along with confidential Trump family tax and financial records from the newspapers two thousand eighteen investigation into the origin of the president's wealth. Yeah. I said tax returns. That's it. Wasn't copies. It was copies. Of other paperwork right related to his. Yes. Yes. So you know, that that's that's how they got it. But we'll get we'll get to more specifics on that. Also coming up here in the show today and China agrees to resume the US trade talks a heft to ask this question. Again. It's just gut feeling, you know, the president tweeted out the other day, you know, about China and the tariffs. But then really he went. We went pretty quiet until on it. It's almost as if there's an I could be completely wrong. We've talked about this before we've talked about at times, the president has been extremely disciplined on social media during the whole debate on the wall, for example, he became much more disciplined. And we were like, wow, this is really interesting. But it seems like just with this whole China thing. He tweeted up tweeted it out. And then when quiet, and then it seems like negotiations are going on not in the in the public eye and now China is back to the. You know to the negotiating table again. They've they've agreed to come back and the United States wants to know, the the president the White House negotiators wanna know. Okay. What laws? Do you have to change? They they wanna know. Okay. What laws shift to change? Let's get this thing moving. Are you are you Bs or will there be a delay because of the laws that you have to change on it and have given the message to the Chinese look if you can if you can give us information that is that is truthful, and honest, they they might delay the the tariffs on Friday. Now, the other thing is as I've read the can't institute the tariffs on Friday because you have to give notice apparently to American manufacturers and things when this happens. So you may start the process on Friday, but it doesn't begin on on on Friday. But I just wondered president just on this issue, and is is a little bit more disciplined on. On on on Twitter because maybe in the past would have been an everyday thing tweets about China. And then tweets ten times more over the next couple of days about how the Chinese aren't going to rip us off. And that really didn't happen. Well, and they're obviously trying to get China back to that original agreement. We we learn that from lighthizer end from the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin of the last couple of days, and they're still as far as I know is is plans to resume the talks on Thursday instead of Wednesday and also on Friday. So are they just asking the president? All right. Don't say anything publicly about it. Because we may be back. We may be back to the the original agreement or have maybe we've come to a new agreement or something like that. I'm not sure if that happened or not, but we'll see I they they seem we have to keep in mind. They seem pretty certain lighthizer and Mnuchin seemed pretty certain that. That those terrace would would, you know, be implimented, which means they weren't confident at least on Monday that they would reach an agreement with China this week. Maybe that changed other news up there. Fifty seven percent of Democrats. This is after the mullahs report. This is the last couple of days from Rasmussen believe President Trump is guilty of treason. Now, the interesting thing about this is forty percent. Of those polled. I ought to check to see whether it's likely voters because this is likely voters, which Rasmussen usually does this is amazing because if you just took everybody, it probably would be a lot a lot higher this number. But of those polled forty percent, no idea William bars. You'd be amazed. I forgot the percentage of didn't even know who Muller was no idea who Muller's. Yeah. But fifty seven percent of Democrats still believe that that Trump committed treason, there is no evidence zero evidence you and I are waiting for that poll to come out again, which was taken three times over the last two years. Believe was the economist Yuga poll, I believe that was did it that asked the question or where you had a was over sixty percent. Every single poll of Democrats believe that the Russians actually hacked into the election machines. No story ever even written on that never happened. Right. There's no story that's out there on it. But when they continued as we said when that the the question the general allegation of the question that existed because it wasn't even an allegation. It was an allegation question. Did Trump did Trump collude with the Russians to hack the election? You say it enough, and it becomes in people's minds, especially Democrats mines Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the election. So you had at one point you had almost seventy percent of Democrats believed that the Russians actually hacked into the election machines. That was never a story that said the Russians hacked the election machines, for example, New York is upset about it because it was hacked into by the election about by the by the Russians yet, they still believe it, even after the Muller reporting fifty seven percent of Democrats believe the Trump comed- committed treason Thurs zero evidence of that there's not even an allegation of that of what that specific treason would be. That's that is why we have said before and people have you know, when we have said, look, the the the goal is to is to convince independence because there are people. There are people on the democrat side that just will continue to be deluded. The they'll be full of delusion is what they are. They just they they're going to believe what they wanna believe truthful or not. And you're not going to be able to stop them from doing it. And that's. What it shows and that should be worrisome that any American. I don't care what your political stripe is believes in something. That is just absolutely not true. I'm not surprised because we live in a day and age, and I've sat here how many conspiracy theories. Did we go through right? How many conspiracies are how many call up and say, well, you never know Bush might have been responsible for the for the World Trade Center bombings, we dealt with. What was it? Jade Jade helm. But. Yeah. Right. Jason tatum. Twenty fifteen was fifteen. Yeah. We we dealt with that for how long we dealt. Remember, the Emeril? The the the United States. There's a secret plan to have a secret currency, the Amarah that would be the currency of the United States, Mexico, and and Canada, and they're doing it in secret..

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