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Com before I forget we had the draft and there's a lot to talk about about the draft and I was saying earlier. I want to get your thoughts. I know a lot of times rookie. Quarterback's like the season long people might be thinking rookie. Quarterback's aren't really that relevant. Or even some of these veteran quarterbacks that were affected but I feel like more and more people joe play best ball more and more people play dynasty more and more people play to quarterback leagues. I mean talking about all of the quarterbacks is important I feel like oh for sure and you know I was talking to some guys from the NFC which is which is a high stakes kind. A website lot of high stakes players. Play there and they have some best ball content as well about talking to Greg Ambrosius. Tom Ketogenic on Sirius. Xm A last night and they were talking. About how Joe Borough? The number one overall pick has moved up quote unquote to qb nineteen in ADP. And they said do I like him as a QB too? And I said Ross Arroz I said I kind of think he could be a qb one this year like I. I don't think it's that outrageous now. I have to point out rape before we started recording the pod. The bengals released. Andy Dalton. So Joe Borough is going to be the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Everybody knew that anyway. But now it's just one hundred percent confirm and you do need to know these guys. But let's start with Joe Burrow because we know we get of the rookie quarterback's the four first rounders. He's the one who we know. One hundred percent. Barring injury is going to play week one and look the offensive. Line's a question. But they do get twenty nine thousand nine hundred Joan Williams back. Aj Green on the outside Tyler Boyd. In the slot t higgins. They drafted in the second round. You Got Joe Mixing Geo Bernard coming out of the backfield. John Ross is still there as the as either the third or the fourth wide receiver depending on. What happens with T. Higgins often tate is still there? He's a big body in the red zone. This is a team in Cincinnati that lead in twelve of its sixteen games last year and won only two of them so that would just be a simple crude way to say. This team probably was a little bit better than the record last year. And I think they are a team that can really come in and turn it around quickly so I see Cincinnati with Joe. Boroughs quarterback a team that can score some points. Here so Joe Borough. I would not be shocked if he puts up. Fringy top twelve quarterback numbers. If you're playing basketball or if you're in a deeper league we like to carry a backup quarterback. I would love to pair him. With Kinda Post Height veteran in the vein of Baker. Mayfield four fantasy. Because I think you'll get really good fantasy production out of that. So if you're in best ball. Maybe even two quarterback league. I love him as the second quarterback because barring injury he's playing a full season I like it. What about in Miami with Tonga via Loa. Well here's the interesting thing Anthony. I'm sorry Brian Flora's the coach here. He said when talking about two of that I guess. Their doctors haven't fully seen him yet. So that's fascinating because because of the pandemic you know they haven't seen the doctors haven't put them through tests and what did they happier In Miami they do have Ryan Patrick so I think two is less likely to start the season then Ryan Fitzpatrick. Then that Joe Borough is so keep that in mind and here's the other problem. I'm not a hundred percent certain the supporting cast in Miami all that great. This was kind of a meat and potatoes draft for them. They got the quarterback and then they started drafting players along the offensive line and on defense. Now they took they took The tackle in the first round data. Usc They took the guard in the second round so they have got guys who are going to come in and probably compete for starting jobs right away but the problem is if to a place week one devante Parker who obviously had the great twenty nineteen got himself a contract extension but there still is that feeling that creeps into the back of your mind that he performed in a contract year hasn't performed otherwise. It's a little bit concerning Preston. Williams was an intriguing twenty nineteen rookie the U. DFA. He actually led rookies in receptions. When he got hurt but he tours ACL last year. Mike Ezekie came on at the end of the year. The tight end but he was a little bit inconsistent. And then you have Albert Wilson Jr Akeem grant it's not a great supporting cast for to a Tonga Viola. So concerned here is even if to a plays. There isn't enough around him to support a high end. Fantasy producer here. He's more of the mid to low end. Qb To for me. Even if you were to guarantee me that he starts week one. What ABOUT HERBERT IN LA? Well there another team that like. The dolphins have an opportunity to start a veteran justin. Herbert is ready. And that would be tyrod. Taylor The thing about Herbert though is if herber were to start week one even though I have him behind to dynasty because I just think was a better safer prospect. Even though I haven't behind to a for dynasty I would actually rank herber above to a for this year simply because he's got some mobility and he's got much better weapons with the chargers to has in Miami Mike Williams Keenan Allen Austin Ecuador Hunter Henry. All those guys were there. They drafted a couple of wide receivers including Cage Hill. Somebody I think people thought was going to go a lot earlier in the draft. He went in the seventh round. He's kind of Keenan Allen after taxes type of guy. They drafted him the they brought in Joshua Kelly in the run game even though I don't think he's going to be a pass catcher but they have a solid run game there with the Austin Equa Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelly They drafted Joe read. the speedster at Virginia in the fifth round. So they've got more weapons there Than to a has Miami and just in Herber I think is more mobile than to us so if he were to start week. One I actually think there's a chance he can be that That quote Unquote Konami Code quarterback where he goes up and he goes down he goes left he goes right but ultimately he can produce good high upside numbers. I think on this podcast or at least Ross on the Ross football podcast. Greg cosell compared Justin Herbert as a prospect to Josh Allen. Many ways he's reminiscent. I don't think he's I don't think he's as athletic is Josh Allen. I don't think he can run the way Josh Allen Ken but if you kind of get that image into your head of what. Justin Herbert can provide your fantasy team. You'll see why for the immediate future if all things were equal and both guys were starting week one. I'd take Justin herber on my fantasy team over to. Wow I can see that too especially the running part of it. I'm with you on that Joe Totally with you on that. I mean I'm not even GonNa say shows even say it. Jalen her is there. Is there even a thing there? I mean is it even thing well? Jalen hurts is for twenty twenty I would rank him above Jordan love. Only because I think jalen hurts is going to have a role and see. I've read to really good pieces on. Jalen hurts pick and they made the same points and one guy to love the pick and another guy didn't like the pick and those and those articles were from Kevin Cole at Pro Football Focus and she'll Kapadia from the athletic. Both of whom are very good at their jobs. And Kevin Cole essentially said look and and both guys were measured and neither guy was like. Oh my God this is a referendum on Carson Wentz and both guys acknowledged the eagles place a premium on the backup quarterback position for obvious reasons. Nick foles want a super bowl and both guys acknowledged that Jalen hurts gives the eagles upside at that position that very few teams act and I thought it was fascinating that they both kind of approached it from the same angle but came up with different conclusions. She okay. Potty is conclusion was kind of the human angle of the story how does Carson Wentz feel about this carson? Wentz had to go through a situation last year where somebody was leaking out of the locker room. Oh I wish. We had nick foles or something like that. And they they didn't trust Carson's leadership and chemical on the other hand. He argued that look. The Eagles are just trying to set themselves up to win. And I guess in both guys acknowledge the best possible outcome here is Carson. Wentz stays healthy. He re- he resumes his twenty seventeen form. Which I think you would agree. Ross at the end of twenty one thousand nine despite his lack of Weapons Carson. Wentz was getting back to that. He dragged the corpse of an eagles roster to the playoffs and I think both guys came to the same conclusion that the best possible outcome for the Eagles is Carson. Wentz stays healthy makes. This jalen hurts pick from a quarterback perspective completely irrelevant but I think the the idea for the eagles here is. Let's increase our margin for error at the position and there's no doubt that Carson wentz injury history played into this now. I think you can make the argument that all right so if you're worried about Carson Wentz is injury history why do you give the guy nine? Figures guaranteed last summer. And then decide. You're going to draft a second round quarterback got taken out by cheap shot in a playoff game after playing a full season. I think that's fair but I also think this this will. I don't think this was simply the eagles saying. Hey Look Carson suffered a concussion in the playoff game. We've really got invested in the quarterback position. I just happened to think this was a player that they really liked. Probably thought he was better than the position. He was drafted at I venture I would venture to guess. They probably had a first round grade on them. Even though they didn't take him in the first round that would be my guess and they view Jalen hurts somebody who if they want him to contribute right away and Carson Wentz is playing a high level of football and he. Staying Healthy jalen hurts. Ken Do some of that. Tastes Hill stuff. But I don't simply think your draft Haysom Hill in the second round. I just don't think you do that. I think the eagles view that as part of what Jalen hurts is and then they view him as a really flashy of really controversial insurance policy to be quite frank but from a fantasy perspective.

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