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By the T. J. Martell foundation across the west bend all the road construction is blocking a railing as well in Broward turnpike southbound construction blocking the on ramp from commercial Boulevard the traffic on the three and six ten W. I. O. D. barely holding on to eighty degrees this afternoon a mix of clouds with some sunshine and a light breeze it's now twelve oh two the coronavirus crisis leading to more states and hospitals Louisiana reporting at the largest increase in deaths in the last twenty four hours lieutenant governor telling ABC news that the state will be maxed out of hospitals and ventilators by the end of this weekend in New York the epicenter for the nation leading hospitals are now issuing new rules this is Erin could her skin New York where public hospitals are only testing patients for corona virus you require hospitalization the guidance is to stay home and isolate yourself for at least seven days if you have a fever cough shortness of breath or a sore throat only severe cases should come to the hospital for tests and treatment a new study out of China published in the science journal lancet tells us who might be more at risk once infected here's ABC's Dr Jennifer Ashton men and women are equally likely to become infected but for every age group men have twice the risk of death of women and we're not sure why that is I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news well there's still no word on exactly what will happen with two Holland America ships with dead and sick passengers on board expected to be sailing your port Everglades by tomorrow afternoon before the vessels can even enter U. S. waters they must present a plan that has to be approved by the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard wants all six ships to stay at sea where they could be sequestered indefinitely our commissioner mark Bogen said they have not heard from the ships we're calling them over the weekend they did returning your phone calls they didn't contact us governor to Santos wants to send medical personnel to the ships instead of allowing them to dock president trump disagrees with this he says will talk to the governor about allowing them in as a matter of humanity when disbursement newsradio six ten WYO D. local funeral homes are bracing for the fallout from the corona virus pandemic Michelle hood from the independent funeral directors of Florida says survivors have to change their expectations many families would like to have a memorial service for a funeral service with two hundred people but that's just not bowl in today's climate could says many funeral homes are webcasting services while refusing to allow more than ten people to attend in person Miami Dade is full steam ahead in its attempt to prevent the spread of covert nineteen there Carlos Jimenez has signed an emergency order ordering adult day cares to close in incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county affected April third at eleven fifty nine PM the order is part of what he says are ongoing measures to help stop the spread of code nineteen among our most fragile residents and another drive through code nineteen testing site will open tomorrow in Hialeah and Amelia Earhart park starting tomorrow those who are sixty five or older experiencing symptoms of code nineteen can get tested at the park you have to call ahead for an appointment at three oh five to six eight four three one nine three.

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