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Admissions bribery scheme has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison. Rick singer pleaded guilty to charges in 2019 and cooperated with federal authorities who built cases against dozens of parents, coaches and others. It was a sobering day in court, but were relieved that it's done. And Rick is resilient, and he is committed to a future that's based on service to the underserved. Defense attorney Candace fields. Prosecutors are offering details on the New Year's Eve knife attack in New York City. Newly unsealed court records said Trevor bickford wanted to kill an officer in uniform when he allegedly attacked three cops here in New York City with a knife on New Year's Eve. From here, prosecutors said bickford intended to travel onward to continuous targeting of officers her government officials and had purchased a train ticket to Miami the 19 year old from Maine is charged with attempted murder assault and attempted assault. The judge considered him a significant flight risk and remanded him into custody following a virtual court appearance from the hospital, where he is recovering from a gunshot to the shoulder. Aaron kutter, ABC News New York. A change at CES formerly known as the consumer electronics show. It's not allowing Russian companies to display their products at the Las Vegas event because of the invasion in Ukraine. A spokesperson for the trade group organizing the show says just one potential exhibitor has been affected. This is ABC News. And this is northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7. We check your traffic every ten minutes on the fours. Here's Natalie Melendez in the high performance homes traffic center. A power outage in Kirkland has the traffic lights of the intersection of 85th and four O 5 not working. It's best to treat the intersection as an always stop. Almost a 40 minute drive going from issaquah to Seattle on I 90 west looking really tough there and south one 67 and rents in a collision south of 43rd is blocking off the two left lanes traffic is completely backed up to four O 5 that support a sponge

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