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Will be prohibited from distributing or maintaining Tic tac. In the United States. The Trump Administration believes that the Chinese owned video sharing APP is a threat to national security. Hazmat Shira spoke to a local man who disagrees Beam all the Prince is a pretty popular guy on the Internet. His nostalgic brand of comedy has earned millions of likes and followers, but all that could soon disappear. I love the people who are like you worked so hard for them. How do you feel like The same as if you just built a house a minute like fell over. Why are you making fun of me? U. S Department of Commerce is concerned that the APP could be used for surveillance by the Chinese government. Nemo, who lives in Stone isn't too worried about it. Doesn't every app have some of my data to some degree. I mean, if I say fried chicken, I'm going to get a KFC and in about 15 minutes, the government says Tick tock will be gone from the APP store this Sunday with time running out, be most biggest priority right now is moving his followers over to Instagram match here. W. B Z Boston's news radio after his Trump 2020 signs kept getting stolen from his front yard. A fed up man from New Bedford made sure the next person who wanted to steal his sign would have to risk getting zapped. You know, that's my right to free speech, so don't mess with that. After six of his trump signs disappeared, stolen in broad daylight, John Olivera took matters into his own hands. Grab my son and let's go to the farm Supply store. We worked at some electric fence. It's a nice little deterrent. And we put it up there, and we haven't had anybody touch the signs. And probably around three weeks now, he admits. It's somewhat of an eyesore. Yeah, I mean, it looks like crap, but my right to free speech and my ability to say what I want. Is more important to me than what my yard looks like. His 17 year old daughter, Victoria thinks it's overkill, but I think it's absolutely hilarious. In fact, she expects her dad will soon be an Internet MIM in New Bedford, Suzanne Saz Vale W. B Z Boston's news radio 6 37 Let's get two numbers now from Wall Street business with Bloomberg A California court will hear a request tomorrow from we chat users looking to stop a plan U. S ban of the APP. China owned We chat will have to in payments through its service. As of Sunday, US downloads of the APB will also be bad. Another China owned at TIC Tac also faces a ban on new downloads and updates effective Sunday. But its services will not be affected, giving it time to work out a deal with Oracle it faces in November 12th shutdown if there is no deal. NBC and Roque, who have reached an agreement that will put NBC's new peacock streaming app on Roco devices. The network had threatened to black out about a dozen of its channels on row crew this weekend if agreement had not been reached. Wall Street wrapped up the week on a sour note. The Dow Jones industrial Average dropped 245 the S and P 500 tumbled 38 that has that composite fell. 1 17 business reports at eight and 38 past the hour. I'm Larry Kowski Bloomberg Business on W. Visi Boston's use radio and coming up at 6 45 Mohr on the passing of a Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before you make up your mind. Listen to us. Boston's Heart radio's new True crime podcast paper. Ghosts investigates a decades long search for four young girls who vanished from their neighboring New England home towns like you tried to say anything to them about her. But recently uncovered evidence could change everything immediately. Just sat on the floor like somebody just punched me in the gut. Listen and follow paper ghosts on the I heart radio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. I do believe you will rebound. We just have a course. Yes, well, Senator, I don't think you understand what's at stake. Do you say, say, McKinnon says state Top tips. Teriyaki tenderloin Ground Sheffield Chap Named Top.

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