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A World War Two era handgrenade caused the Taco Bell in Florida to be evacuated. A treasure hunter found the grenade while magnet fishing Saturday. Magnet fishing is kind of treasure hunting that uses magnets to pick things up in buried water. The man put the grenade in the trunk of his car, and then drove to the restaurant in Ocala about fifteen miles away where he called police to report finding the grenade. Police immediately ordered the restaurant evacuated and the Marion county sheriff's office bomb squad came in to remove the grenade. Ocala police that it was an actual World War Two era weapon. And it would be destroyed. A painting stolen off the wall of Moscow's. Famed museum of Russian artists been returned police say the painting of Crimean mountain ridges by Arca Koiji was stolen right in front of confused. Visitors Sunday at the gallery. Witnesses described a young man who removed the landscape from the wall before they realized they'd see look that the interior ministry says they detained suspect. And recovered the painting, which was hit that a construction site outside Moscow. Police say the man had been on bail for drug possession since December. The painting is one hundred eighty five thousand dollars, but other works by Koichi have fetched more than three billion dollars at auctions. How we deal with our allies around the world has changed under the Trump administration. And as AP's Ben Thomas reports a new poll suggests most Americans don't think highly of the president's foreign policy approach the latest Associated Press NOISE center for public affairs research poll finds thirty five percent of respondents approve of President Trump's handling of foreign policy while sixty three percent disapprove in about half of all respondents think the country's global standing will deteriorate during the next year. But as with other issues, there's a wide partisan divide with seventy six percent of Republicans saying the president's doing okay on foreign policy, but only eight percent of Democrats. However, the president does fare better when it comes to his plan to remove US troops from Syria with thirty nine percent saying they approve compared with thirty five percent saying, they disapprove, Ben Thomas, Washington. AP radio news. I'm Rita Foley lay..

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