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Only me your Danish Fanboy Nikolai right now. Otherwise engaged during term your league line of the least the last 5000 days. Right? So you got your three with Leeds tonight? Deal anymore. Tow your name your style your deeds. It's been so long child since leaving last crazy the way we were relegated. You know, my daughter was just three years old back then she could drive way are Oh, so much only now. Nine. You feel so young. 60 years. That was just a boy when he shot those obligations. You shall maybe just went out to pass on to you. What's going on with you? You know, you sent failing brain you couched and school and team and the league wanted. His message way love. Now we talk about passion in sports. And until you get to know soccer, I don't think you have any idea how passionate sacrifices air about their team and it's where they live, and they pick their team. There's no one in Manchester, England, that is a man city or a man U fan. You know, people say, Well, I'm available to Saks and Cubs. They will kill you. If you say that that's that does not happen, okay? And you heard the passion from him. Now listen to this. There's a Leeds fan and I would not recommend this, but he's standing on the roof, singing about his Leeds United team. Yes. Come knows exactly what we need to.

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