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Being chilly in the morning on 97.1 Wash. F m. Julia, You have a question for me about something new That's coming to your household. What is it? Speak. Talk to Daddy. Let me help. Well, remember, I told you how you inspired me to get a fire pit. I got an alert yesterday that it will be delivered this week, and it's a gas fire pit. So you know, it's not a wooden one, you know is it's awesome lot easier. So this morning I started shopping for some accessories like s'mores sticks have saluting the question here is I know this is a first world problem, but I'm so giddy Do I go for the disposable wooden ones? Or do I get the nice ones that retracted and like extend? It depends on how much you want to clean up and I would tell you that because you have a gas fire pit. You could probably get the ones that you could toss and throw away because you're not going to have to do a bunch of cleaning up after the fire pit. You know what I mean? Like like with the solar stove. I have to, like clean out the wood and I had to clean up the solo stuff to put it away. So that's involved in the last thing you want to do is have other things to clean up when you get back into the house after a night in front of the fire. Or pits. I would say you could get the disposable once and be okay. However, if you wantto have something that's nice, and you don't have to keep buying, you know, refills for your disposable fire sticks. Then you know, splurge on something that you can clean up just, you know, make don do the dishes and whatever. And does anybody really make hot dogs over a fire or that's just for movies like it's more for s'mores, right? I think, s'mores mostly, But, yes, Hot dogs everything. It depends like if you're tailgating, you know, like if there's like a big football game if the Washington football team were to go to the Super Bowl, and you had a block party, you would probably want to cook a miscellaneous things such as hot dogs and bratwurst and whatnot. It would be fun in that case, you need some. You would need appropriate tools for that. For now, though, it's just the s'more sticks. And I think the disposable ones initially, because who knows how many times we're really going to be roasting marshmallows out there? I don't even know True, but I will tell you this. The real secret now is to get the marshmallows with the chocolate infused in the middle. Oh, yes. Kay was writing this the Zahra thing. I saw it on a billboard just down the street from a Hershey. Pennsylvania is you're pulling into the whole park complex. I'm like that is a tremendous idea. If you find them, and you do cook s'mores with them this weekend. Let us know how that goes because I had that in my head since the middle of the summer. OK, I'll let you know. I'm ready Fire Pit season is here. In the meantime, I'm going back on Amazon for the disposable sticks. Thank you. That's what I would do. We are Toby and chilly in the morning. It's 97.1. Washington needs some inspiration on a Tuesday morning, That's where producer Kayla comes in. Next. She's going to share a quote and get us all into the right. Morning. Mindsets. Take a look at traffic right now. Lisa, Baby, Go ahead, please. Good news. You guys two lanes Get by to the left. Lousy news you guys is it's an accident in Virginia North Bend 95 before the exit for 2 34 dumb freeze, But as I said, two lanes get by could always pay the money and ride the express lanes or wait until you get into dump Aries. Then get on the interstate. You'll miss it all together.

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