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7 60 wjr. Here's today's guest host Chris, Alberta. 3.5 million people around the world. Dead from covert 19 600,000 just here in the U. S. And Many of us still want to know who to point the finger out. Who's to blame in this? How did it actually start tons and tons of maybe not new information but more thorough information coming out. Joining us this morning, Dr. John Fleming, former four term Louisiana congressman, Republican of the fourth District in himself. Family, family medicine physician Dr Flemming. Thanks for joining what have you been hearing and seeing in terms of these congressional reports in terms of who's really to blame for this outbreak? Well, Good morning, Chris. Um, I'll also remind you that I spent the last 10 months of the Trump Administration as dipping deputy chief of staff. Working with Mark matters, the chief of staff and we were obviously watching this thing is it unfolded? What we're getting now is the Devon Nunez, who is the ranking member of the interpreting the House. Has been disclosing some information that points very strongly in a circumstantial evidence way that this had to be coming from the Wuhan lab. It's the only level four of our virology lab. End the whole of China, as opposed to the fact that their animal wet markets all across China, But this virus, of course leaked out of Wuhan. In fact, the Chinese literally shut down travel to and from Wuhan. Shortly after it began to spread. And so you know it. It appears very obviously, that is far more likely to have been something that leaked from the lab. Some of the earliest victims We're in Wuhan Aske far as we can tell the first victim. Um Patient zero is we call it in medicine lived in Wuhan, probably either local doctor or someone a scientists who were in the lab laboratory on We've had reports since 2017 that there been problems there. There's been a leakage of of things that are ambassadors. Been reporting that and with we've a source we could tell. The earliest victim of this was in late 2019 20 before it became a pandemic. Mm. Well, Dr Fleming, I You know, as as a nerd myself, I have done Hundreds of thousands of Wordsworth of reading on this and I have become very paranoid, frankly, of what I read because so much of it has some inherent bias. The one thing that I can't seem to figure out is that Why does China Why does us for so many years participate in these gain of function type of studies? I'II taking a virus that is known only to be deadly in an animal and find a way to modify it to Frankenstein? It Too attached to human cells. And furthermore, hasn't the United States in the last handful of years trying to shut down some of these studies? I don't have details on that. Obviously, it has biological weapons. Uh, potential. I mean, think about it if you were to develop A virus that was highly contagious and deadly as this one actually is, you could inoculate Silently stealthily your own military and maybe even your own population and then release it in another country. As you just said over well, over half million Americans have died of this millions of people around the world. And so it definitely has military interest. Now, whether we're doing this type of research in the U. S, I don't know. But as we all know that that it in China Military fuses and government in general fuses with everything, whether it is commerce or health care or whatever. And so you could say, I do believe this was an accident. Dr. Redfield, the former Head of CDC under Trump believes that it did accidentally leaked from that laboratory. But you see the potential where this could be very dangerous, and it's something that we bet we have to treat this almost like like nuclear weapons where we have Certain agreements, and we can even have mutual evaluation and transparency. Well, you know whether it's an accident or not, seems to be two of, you know, to a degree, a moot point. Certainly there's there's things that are accidental. Some of them happened from negligence, which would I would imagine had some role in this whole thing. But in the grand scheme of things, you know within our own borders if we do something negligent and accident occurs and And kills or hurts or infects. Thousands of people are hundreds of thousands of people were not indemnified from that. Unfortunately, it seems like with this scenario, it Z fairly irrelevant if it came from Wuhan, indeed, and even if that's proven what kind of You know, reparations. Will we get if any from them ever? I don't know that there is a gonna be a solution to that. Do you know I don't even think we'll get a simple in admission. From Damn. What we would like to see is that they disclose information. So we find out what went wrong, so it won't happen again. This is not the first time something like this has happened. From the room behind lab. It's just the first time it said worldwide impact, and so they need to improve their procedures, their safety procedures and so forth. But without international pressure and force of some transparency. Uh, dis could easily happen again. Yeah, well, Dr John Fleming. Thanks for joining us today. Thanks for your insight on the issue. It's something that's on everybody's minds were without phones again. Today at W. J. R you can Texas today? 808 590957. Let's see your feedback and hear your thoughts on this will be back after the break with some inflation talk. Let's check in with Dana Clark and Traffic. This report is sponsored by Compassion International for Kids in Poverty Around the world.

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