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Oh oh yeah yeah. I was like does that stand for threatening the spelling. What is this a cool kid thing that alleyway stand for idea go there. Everyone and i mean in part because he was like kinda threatened by buffy power and so that's an essentially but He's pretty yeah. I mean that's a. I like the idea that they're that character. I remember him. I remember liking him more in the show. Really really not. That bad guy watched like he's terrible. He's yeah horrible. Like he's so threatened by buffy having powers and that's literally the reason that they can't be together is like well. I don't know you're the girl and you're strong. I don't want that. yeah i mean. I think that's probably pretty universal that most people would put season for low on their list. Anyway i was always a big fan of what after they bring. Buffy from what we find out it's heaven after season five Everything that transpired. After that. But i also strongly shipped buffy and spike over buffy angel. At that is you did too really. Yeah i did. Yeah everybody out here. We go everybody in this room. I you know it's it's it's hard with a in. In retrospect with the sp love for spike. Because i was always my favorite character like he's introduced in season two but brought back consisting lanes where he joins the scooby gang. I was always my favorite character Hands down. I loved him withdrew sylla. I loved him with buffy. But it's also like there's a problematic stuff with spike that it's really hard. To in retrospect love that relationship. Because you know there's a scene where spike tries to force himself on buffy and it's never really dealt with after that like then he goes and gets a soul and then it's you know that's fine. He has a soul now. So i don't know but it's still my favorite ship and you know i don't. I don't know if there's a non-problematic ship for buffy. Well no that's very true. That's very true. Because like i i was never a huge angel fan. I yeah i just liked spike more than angel which i think is why liked buffy and spike and buffy nine i never got the appeal of angel like his whole like broody mysterious. Like i don't know kinda paternalistic presence in her life in the beginning just didn't didn't do it for me. he's gotta be the imprint for For edward colin though right like designed. Yeah you're right so similar in design And the and i always i always like again as we talk about how the characters kind of change and evolve and have their own stories. Spike does too even though he's not human he's vampire he's he's bad like he's a villain in the beginning when you first meet him But he's also like they hint that he genuinely has love and affection for drew silla like there are moments of like he seems almost kind of Sympathetic i remember on rewatch seeing those.

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