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Twenty twelve twenty one on Pakistan and as a waiting for paddock in Gulfstream. You wait twelve thirty six so you know. He is a very happy guy The performance the performance on Saturday. Michael Michael Hoy is with us Talking about the run that he's been on an extended run of success claiming horses and Zulu Alpha. Obviously who very very quietly for those that that haven't gone back to watch bricks and mortar and And the united in the deep stretch of the Breeders Cup last year. Having referenced the Breeders Cup Turf Michael Zulu Alpha ran a sneaky good effort in there at nineteen to one he was fourth beaten two lengths and was also coming at the end and kind of you know had other you know other issues to deal with and with a different trip might have been might have been involved with the the decision. The came down to the top pair in a in a Breeders Cup turf. That was about as as good as you're going to see. I I gotta ask about the some of the things that you're doing Including the baby that I sent the video out to everybody welcoming you in and the decision to breed some of your own and you know to dabble in the breeding side which You know has has taken the knees out of many many people. Oh well it. All stemmed from You know we. We purchased our first horse at sale. I think maybe either tip. Dinner Obese mid-atlantic. It was a horse by the name of We named it my wife named after herself. My pages jewel You know she's cute And she wasn't very fast. So we.

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